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This is the documentation page for Module:Callsigns

This module maps each repository path in Gerrit to its "callsign" in Diffusion. {{git file}} (phab:T101358) and other templates use it.

When you create, rename, or reorganize a new repository, you need to update this mapping.

Note a repository path is different from the repository name in Diffusion. You see this path in some gerrit URLs, in the "Project path/here" heading on some gerrit pages, and in the "Clone" command in the Diffusion summary. For example, "oojs-ui" in Diffusion has the callsign GOJU, and on the phab:diffusion/GOJU page its Clone command is So its path is oojs/ui, and this matches the path in gerrit URLs like,dashboards/default [archive] and their "Project" headings.