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-- Module for comparing things
-- Different for each type of thing because only strings can be passed in now

local int = function (frame)
    local argnum = 1

    -- Function to get the next argument
    local next_arg = function ()
        -- Only increment the counter if the current argument exists
        if frame[argnum] then
            argnum = argnum + 1
        return frame[argnum]

    local a = frame.a or next_arg() or 0
    local b = frame.b or next_arg() or 0

    -- Support equal, greater than, and less than
    local eqTo = frame.eqTo or next_arg() or 'equal'
    local grTh = frame.grTh or next_arg() or 'greater than'
    local leTh = frame.leTh or next_arg() or 'less than'
    -- All others are combinations

    if a > b and grTh then
        return grTh
    elseif a < b and leTh then
        return leTh
    elseif a == b and eqTo then
        return eqTo

return { int = int }