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Qubes [archive] 高级 Qubes-Whonix (下载) 生产
Linux 高级 KVM (下载) 生产
Linux 新手 VirtualBox (下载) 测试中
Windows 新手 VirtualBox (下载) 测试中
Mac 新手 VirtualBox (下载) 测试中
高级 x86兼容性 测试中
[1] 高级

[2] [3]

  1. Custom-Workstation: Self-made builds can be run on any real or virtual hardware, so long as they are behind a Whonix-Gateway ™. Tor Browser binaries are only available for a limited number of platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD and MacOS).
  2. Unsupported: QEMU
  3. Unsupported: VMware