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Whonix Concept

Whonix es un sistema operativo orientado al anonimato, privacidad y a la seguridad.

Está basado en la red de anonimato TOR[1], Debian GNU/LINUX[2] y seguridad por aislamiento.

Whonix consiste en dos partes: Una solamente corre tor actuando como pasarela, la cual nosotros llamamos Whonix-Gateway. La otra, llamada Whonix-Workstation, está en una red completamente aislada. Sólo las conexiones bajo TOR son posible. Con Whonix, tú puedes usar programas y correr servidores anónimamente en internet.

Las filtraciones DNS son imposibles y ni siquiera un malware con privilegios de root podría encontrar la verdadera IP real del usuario.

Whonix es gratuito y libre (Why?), fué el proyecto de la semana en el proyecto sourceforge y fue calificado con 5 estrellas por los usuarios de sourceforge.net


Para aprender más sobre seguridad y anonimato bajo whonix, por favor ve a la página Sobre Whonix

Cosas que hacemos en el proyecto Whonix: Innovar, cooperar y educar.

Qubes-logo-blue.png Tux.png Virtualbox logo.png Windows logo - 2012.svg.png

Host OS Knowledge Recommendation OS Virt Security
Qubes Advanced Qubes-Whonix (Download) Qubes-logo-blue.png Qubes-logo-blue.png Production
Linux Advanced KVM (Download) Tux.png Kvmbanner-logo26.png Production
Linux Newcomer VirtualBox (Download) Tux.png Virtualbox logo.png Testing [4]
Windows Newcomer Windows (Download) Windows logo - 2012.svg.png Virtualbox logo.png Testing [4]
Mac Newcomer VirtualBox (Download) Rsz osx.png Virtualbox logo.png Experimental [4]
None Advanced x86 compatible Experimental [5]
[6] [7] [8] Advanced


Whonix-Workstation with KDE Desktop:

Whonix-Workstation with KDE Desktop



Whonix developers.
OS family Unix-like, based on Debian
Working state Active
Source model Open Source
Initial release 29 Feb 2012
Latest stable release
(June 1, 2015; ago (2015-06-01))
Latest unstable release
(June 17, 2015; ago (2015-06-17))

Marketing target

Anonymity; Privacy; Security; Personal computing; Location Hidden Servers

Update method

APT (several front-ends available)

Supported platforms
Kernel type

Monolithic (Linux kernel)

Default user interface


Free software, mainly the GNU GPL, and other licenses [12]

Preceded by JanusVM[13]; TorBOX R TorBOX-500px.png[14] (see History)
Official website https


More Screenshots

Whonix Portal.jpg


Whonix is produced independently of, and carries no guarantee from, The Tor Project[15].

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  6. Custom-Workstation: Self-made builds can be run on any real or virtual hardware, so long as they are behind a Whonix-Gateway. Tor Browser binaries are only available for a limited number of platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD and MacOS).
  7. Unsupported: QEMU
  8. Unsupported: VMware
  9. Custom-Workstation: Self-made builds can be run on any real or virtual hardware, so long as they are behind a Whonix-Gateway. Tor Browser binaries are only available for a limited number of platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD and MacOS).
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Thanks to Tomchen1989 from Wikimedia Commons for the download button! 1 (w)

Thanks for the MAT public domain screenshot to awxcnx.de!
Random News:

Did you know that Whonix could provide protection against backdoors? See Verifiable Builds. Help is wanted and welcomed.

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