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RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter

rads - RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter - Starts [no] desktop environment based on available RAM. Automagically boots into graphical desktop environment, when there is enough RAM. Or into terminal-only, when there is too little RAM. Useful inside virtual machines. - For better usability.

Non-Qubes-Whonix only.

RAM Adjusted Desktop Starter won't start the desktop environment. You can use the terminal based version of Whonix-Gateway.

When booting up, you will be prompted and can always manually press ctrl + c to prevent KDE from starting.

By default, Whonix-Gateway comes with 768 MB virtual RAM. This can be reduced on systems with low resources.

  • If there is more than 512 MB RAM in total, the desktop environment (KDE by default) will be started.
  • If less than 512 MB RAM in total (for example, only 196 MB RAM in total), KDE (kdm) will not be started.

This should be quite convenient, because users with low RAM could reduce (Whonix-Gateway) RAM to 196 MB and even if they sometimes wanted to configure/check something, they could assign 512 RAM and automagically boot into the graphical KDE desktop. There are also many settings in /etc/rads.d/ to configure this feature, so if you want, you can also add a lot RAM, but not boot into a desktop environment, or use different display managers and so on.

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