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Reminder: Always backup the onion service key. This is necessary in order to restore it on another machine, on a newer Whonix-Gateway ™, after HDD/SSD failure, etc. Follow the instructions below to find its location; root permission is required to access it.


Qubes-Whonix ™

Use the usual Qubes tools. The following example shows how to copy the {{{private_key_file}}} from the sys-whonix VM to the vault VM (which should be started beforehand) using qvm-copy-to-vm.

sudo qvm-copy-to-vm vault {{{private_key_file}}}

The above step copies the Tor onion service private key file to the QubesIncoming folder of the vault VM.


Consider moving the file from the QubesIncoming folder to another preferred location.

Qubes VM Manager can be used to conveniently backup the vault and/or other VMs. Please refer to the Qubes backups documentation for necessary steps to accomplish that.

Non-Qubes-Whonix ™

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Also see: File Transfer.