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Template:Backups Tor Hidden Service private key

Reminder: Backup your hidden service key, in case you want to be able to restore it, on another machine, on a newer Whonix-Gateway, after hdd failure, etc. You can find it here and you require root to access it.



You can use the usual Qubes tools. The following example shows how to copy {{{private_key_file}}} from your sys-whonix VM to your vault VM (should be started beforehand) using qvm-copy-to-vm.

sudo qvm-copy-to-vm vault {{{private_key_file}}}

Using that exact example, you could then find the Tor hidden service private key in your vault VM in file.


Consider moving the file from QubesIncoming folder to a location of your choice.

You can then use the usual Qubes capabilities to backup your vault (and/or other) VMs. Can be conveniently done using QubesManager. Please refer to the Qubes documentation about backups on how to do that.


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See also, File Transfer.