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Get the Signing Key[edit]

This chapter is recommended for better security, but not strictly required. (See Trust)

1. Download {{{fullname}}} OpenPGP key. {{{link}}}

(If you are already using Whonix, this can be simplified. See footnotes. [1])

2. Store it as {{{shortname}}}.asc.

3. Import the key:

gpg --import {{{shortname}}}.asc

4. Verify the key using this fingerprint:

gpg --fingerprint {{{longfingerprint}}}

Should show:


5. Only getting the signing key from one source. For better security, Learn about Whonix Signing Key.
  1. Step 1, 2 and 3 can be done by just one command.
    gpg --import /usr/share/whonix/whonix-keys.d/patrick.asc