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Advanced users can install fewer recommended packages to make the resulting build smaller and more customizable. [1]

If you are interested, click on Expand on the right.

The --apps switch was removed in Whonix 14 since it is broken and unmaintained!

NoDefaultApps builds are less tested due to a lack of contributor manpower, but should work well in principle.


  • This is often combined with terminal-only builds, see above.
  • A NoDefaultApps system will remove various package e.g. Arm on Whonix-Gateway. Please do not create a NoDefaultApps build and then later complain that packages are missing.

To better understand what packages are actually installed - for example via the whonix-gateway-packages-recommended package - search the debian/control file for Package: whonix-gateway-packages-recommended.

This process just excludes a few meta packages. Meta packages are packages that do not hold files of their own, but rather only instruct apt-get to install other packages. Run.

--apps false

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  1. Recommended here means packages that are useful to have, but not necessary for some other reason.