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Extend onion-grater Whitelist

On Whonix-Gateway.

Create a new directory. [1]

mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/

Copy the whitelist file to the new directory.

sudo cp {{{filename}}} /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/

Restart onion-grater.

sudo service onion-grater restart

  1. Using /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/ because that is compatible with [[Qubes-Whonix] TemplateBased ProxyVMs, i.e. Whonix-Gateway (commonly called sys-whonix). Non-Qubes-Whonix users could also use /etc/onion-grater-merger.d/. Qubes-Whonix users could also use /etc/onion-grater-merger.d/ but then users would have to make /etc/onion-grater-merger.d/ persistent, which would require doing this inside the Whonix-Gateway TemplateVM (commonly called whonix-gw and restart their Whonix-Gateway ProxyVM or to use bind-dirs. Both is more more complciated than simply using /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/ which is persistent either way and even allows multiple Whonix-Gateway ProxyVMs based on the same Whonix-Gateway TemplateVM for lets say one Whonix-Gateway ProxyVM increasing onion-grater's whitelist and the other with the default onion-grater whitelist.