Deactivate Misc Proxy Settings

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On the Stream Isolation page, there is a list of applications that are pre-configured to use socks proxy settings via application configuration files. To disable this, the Whonix system default must be removed from the application's settings.

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Remove proxy settings for Tor Browser Downloader by Whonix ™.

Open /etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf in an editor with root rights.

This box uses lxsudo for root privilege escalation and mousepad as editor. These are examples. Other tools could archive the same goal too. If these example tools do not work for you or if you are not using Whonix, please press on Expand on the right side.

The easiest would be to install these example tools lxsudo mousepad so you can keep copying and pasting these instructions.

Update the package lists.

sudo apt-get update

Upgrade the system.

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Install the --no-install-recommends lxsudo mousepad package.

sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends lxsudo mousepad

The procedure is complete.

Alternatively you could also use other tools which may already be installed by default.

gksudo gedit /etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf

sudoedit /etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf

If you are using a graphical Whonix or Qubes-Whonix ™ with XFCE, run.

lxsudo mousepad /etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf

If you are using a terminal-only Whonix, run.

sudo nano /etc/torbrowser.d/50_user.conf

Paste. [1] [2]



For some applications, this is impossible:

These applications can only talk to Tor Onion Services directly and cannot be configured to use the system default. You can only deactivate sdwdate and/or not use Ricochet IM.

  1. TB_NO_TOR_CON_CHECK=1 needs to be set because there is no filtered Tor ControlPort access when Whonix tunnel firewall is enabled, which would break tb-updater's Tor connectivity check.
  2. By tb-updater default, if unset, variable CURL_PROXY will be dynamically set to a Tor SocksPort on Whonix-Gateway ™. For example to CURL_PROXY="--proxy socks5h://user:password@".
    By using a curl parameter we are using anyhow, i.e. CURL_PROXY="--fail" we can in effect disable the environment variable even if it's technically still set. This will result in downloading by using the system's default networking.