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Template:Deactivate uwt

On the Stream Isolation page, there is a list of applications that are pre-configured to use uwt wrappers. Follow the instructions below if you want to disable this.

To deactivate all uwt wrappers permanently... To deactivate stream isolation for all uwt wrapped applications... To make all uwt wrapped applications use the system default networking again... See below...

(Otherwise, if you want more fine granulated control of uwt wrapper deactivation, see Stream_Isolation#Deactivate_uwt_Stream_Isolation_Wrapper.)

Open /etc/uwt.d/50_user.conf in an editor with root rights.

If you are using a graphical Whonix or Qubes-Whonix, run:

kdesudo kwrite /etc/uwt.d/50_user.conf

If you are using a terminal-only Whonix, run:

sudo nano /etc/uwt.d/50_user.conf

And add.