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I2P-Bote [archive] is a serverless, encrypted email plugin that uses I2P for anonymity. Messages are stored in the distributed hash table (DHT) [archive] for 100 days, during which the recipient is able to download them. Emails are automatically encrypted and digitally signed, which means only the intended recipient can read them and they cannot be forged by third parties.

To back up I2P-Bote data, copy the i2pbote folder inside the I2P config directory (~/.i2p/i2pbote on Unix systems or /var/lib/i2p/i2p-config when running as a daemon).

Compartmentalize activities and only use the I2P-Bote/Susimail VM snapshot for this purpose. Generally, applications that run with a browser interface are vulnerable to a whole class of bugs, including cross-site request forgery (CSRF) [archive].[1][2]


  • themeable webmail interface
  • user interface translated into many languages
  • one-click creation of email accounts (called email identities)
  • emails can be sent under a sender identity, or anonymously
  • ElGamal, Elliptic Curve, and NTRU encryption
  • encryption and signing is transparent, without the need to know about PGP
  • delivery confirmation
  • basic support for short recipient names

Planned Features

  • custom folders
  • sending and receiving via relays, similar to Mixmaster
  • lots of small improvements
  • [archive]
  • [archive]