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Proxychains Tor Browser Issue[edit]

Want to use Tor Browser in conjunction with proxychains for the connection scheme user -> Tor -> proxy -> internet?
This currently won't work. For more information, see Tunnels/Connecting_to_Tor_before_a_proxy#Tor_Browser_Notes_2.

"apt-get source package" will show "dpkg-source: warning: failed to verify signature"[edit]

This is not a security issue. It is only a warning. More info here (and in the following mails).

If you want, you can get rid of it with the following workaround.

1. Modify /etc/dpkg/origins/default.

sudo unlink /etc/dpkg/origins/default
sudo ln -s /etc/dpkg/origins/debian /etc/dpkg/origins/default

2. Download the source package.

apt-get source package

3. Undo afterwards to prevent unexpected issues.

sudo unlink /etc/dpkg/origins/default
sudo ln -s /etc/dpkg/origins/whonix /etc/dpkg/origins/default