Known bugs

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"apt-get source package" will show "dpkg-source: warning: failed to verify signature"

This is not a security issue, but only a warning. Read the entire thread here for more information.

This warning message can be removed with the following workaround below.

1. Modify /etc/dpkg/origins/default

sudo unlink /etc/dpkg/origins/default
sudo ln -s /etc/dpkg/origins/debian /etc/dpkg/origins/default

2. Download the source package

apt-get source package

3. Undo afterwards to prevent unexpected issues

sudo unlink /etc/dpkg/origins/default
sudo ln -s /etc/dpkg/origins/whonix /etc/dpkg/origins/default

Proxychains Tor Browser Issue

Using Tor Browser in conjunction with proxychains for the connection scheme: User -> Tor -> Proxy -> Internet
does not currently work. For more information, see here.


Non-Qubes-Whonix means all Whonix platforms except Qubes-Whonix. This includes KVM, VirtualBox and Physical Isolation.

Suspend / Hibernate Issues

Short: Avoid suspending or hilbernating the computer or Whonix VMs while Whonix is running.

Long: Network Time Syncing, Troubleshooting#Clock Fix. [1]

Mounting (CD / DVD) Devices

If the device auto mounter is broken, see if Start menu -> System Settings -> Removable Media helps.

The following workaround can be used.

sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom
sudo mount -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom/

Using the ro flag will mount the CD / DVD in read-only mode. If a CD / DVD is not being mounted, then drop the "-o ro" parameter.

Forum discussion:

Help fixing this bug is welcome! (ticket)

VLC / Video Player Crash

The following workaround can be used.

VLC -> Tools -> Preferences -> Video -> Output -> X11 -> Save

Network Manager Systray Unmanaged Devices

Network manger question mark.png Short answer: Unmanaged devices are unrelated to Whonix functioning and should not concern the user.
Long answer: [2]


Missing Qubes Appmenu Entries in anon-whonix

In Qubes R3.2, anon-whonix in Whonix 14 does not have Qubes appmenus (start menu) entries by default. These must be manually added:

Qubes appmenu -> anon-whonix -> Add more shortcuts

This issue has been fixed in Qubes R4. [3]

Template Installation qubesctl Error

The following qubesctl error message can be safely ignored: [4]

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix
[ERROR   ] Command ['dnf', '--quiet', 'clean', 'expire-cache', '--disablerepo=*', '--enablerepo=qubes-templates-community-testing'] failed with return code: 1                                                                                                                
[ERROR   ] output: Error: Unknown repo: 'qubes-templates-community-testing'
  2. Whonix does not use network manager to manage either eth0 or eth1. It is unnecessary to port to network manager at this point, because there is no reason besides this issue. Ifupdown has functioned admirably in Whonix for a long time and is well tested. It is unclear if network manager, specifically cli, is ready for the prime time yet. Network manager is simply reporting information that it does not manage these devices; this is not an error.
    To reduce confusion, the ideal Whonix default would either: prevent the systray item starting, hide the systray item, or suppress the information being presented. Network manager is installed so users can easily setup VPNs with its intuitive graphical user interface.
    All attempts to fix this long-standing issue have failed. Help is welcome to fix it.
    Fix Unmanaged Devices Network Manager
  3. To fix this in Qubes R3.2, developers would need to backport Qubes-Whonix salt: