Qubes NetVM error

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NetVM Error

If an error message is received while running the Whonix TemplateVM (for example, whonix-gw-15 or whonix-ws-15) stating the NetVM is incorrectly set up, then:

  • Select the proper Whonix-Gateway ™ ProxyVM (sys-whonix) as the NetVM in the Basic tab.
  • Shutdown and restart all Whonix VMs, including the Whonix-Gateway ™ ProxyVM (sys-whonix). [1]
  • If the NetVM / ProxyVM is restarted while other VMs are still connected, then the latter cannot connect without being restarted. For example, if sudo poweroff is used and the NetVM / ProxyVM is restarted, Qubes VM Manager prevents restart until every connected VM is first shut down. This is a Qubes upstream issue: [archive]