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Template:Qubes NetVM error

NetVM error

If you get an error when running your Whonix TemplateVM (e.g. whonix-gw, whonix-ws) about not having a correct NetVM set up, make sure that you:

  • Select a proper Whonix Gateway ProxyVM (sys-whonix) as your NetVM in the Basic tab.
  • Shutdown and restart all Whonix VMs (including Whonix Gateway ProxyVM a.k.a. sys-whonix) [1]
  • If you restart netvm / proxyvm's while other VMs are still connected (using "sudo poweroff" and restarting; Qubes VM Manager refuses to shut down them as long as other VMs are still connected to them), it is expected that these can no longer connect until those are restarted. Qubes upstream issue: