Qubes Tor Onion Service Firewall Exception

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Qubes-Whonix ™ users who require an additional firewall exception, please press Expand on the right.
Note: Non-Qubes-Whonix ™ users can skip this step.

Open firewall port access for the application between Whonix-Gateway ™ and Whonix-Workstation ™.

sudo iptables -I INPUT 5 -p tcp --dport {{{port}}} -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j ACCEPT

Unless setting up a web server, change the port number from {{{port}}} to whatever the application requires.

To make the firewall rule persistent, add the rule to the rc.local file and make it executable.

Open /rw/config/rc.local.

lxsudo mousepad /rw/config/rc.local

Add the following in the rc.local file.

sudo iptables -I INPUT 5 -p tcp --dport {{{port}}} -m conntrack --ctstate NEW -j ACCEPT

Make the rc.local file executable.

sudo chmod +x /rw/config/rc.local