TPO Manual Install

1. Navigate to {{{website}}} and download the {{{software}}} for Linux. Store it in {{{store_where}}}.

2. Read and learn how to perform GPG verification.

3. Navigate to to download the relevant GPG signing keys.

4. Verify the {{{software}}} download.

5. Navigate to {{{store_where}}} with the file manger. Dolphin example: Dolphin -> View -> Show Hidden Files

6. If the old version of {{{software}}} is still open, close it.

7. Rename the old {{{path_installed}}} to something else.

8. Extract the {{{software}}}. Right click on the downloaded archive -> extract -> extract archive here

9. The process is complete.

10. To start it, navigate to the {{{path_installed}}} folder and double click {{{starter}}}. [3]

  1. Qubes-Whonix is 64-bit by default. The 32-bit version should also work, but is not worth bothering with.
  2. Until Whonix 14, the default download version of Whonix is 32-bit. Therefore, 64-bit software won't run unless Whonix is built from source code.
  3. Or type in a terminal.