Tunnel/Proxy before Tor Warnings

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Proxy Secific Issues[edit]

Whonix first time users warning Users should be aware of several issues when using standard, common http(s)/socks4(a)/5 proxies (anonymizers that only use http(s)/socks4(a)/5 as an interface[1] are exempt).

  • Most problems with these proxies are not caused by Whonix ™.
  • Be especially careful with http(s) proxies. Some of them send the "http forwarded for [archive]" header which discloses the IP address. Http(s) proxies that do not send this header are sometimes called "elite" or "anonymous" proxies.
  • When using "http forwarded for" http(s) proxies, Tor entry guards and Tor bridges can determine the IP address.
  • The unencrypted nature of proxies makes them unsuitable to hide Tor from destination websites. For simple IP logging / IP detection they might work unless they’re http(s) proxies and send the "http forwarded for" header.
  1. Such as the Tor, JonDonym or I2P software.