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VPN/Setup/Support Requests

Before submitting a support request for VPN related issues users are encouraged to follow the Free Support Principle when working towards a solution. Whonix developers will use the information provided by the user to determine if the issue is a technical problem (aka bug) and/or configuration error which is a common reason for VPN connectivity issue.

Before Whonix developers will review the support request, the following information must be provided.

  • Steps to reproduce the behavior. For example, list all command that were run up to this point.[1]
  • Actual behavior. (Detailed explanation. Reports stating "VPN does not work" will be rejected.)
  • Expected behavior. (Reports stating "VPN works" will be rejected.)

The following information is also required.

  • All error messages.
  • VPN logs from debug start section. This can be found under Troubleshooting on this page. Make sure to redact all sensitive information.
  • Please answer: Has the VPN configuration been modified aside from the instructions on this page?

Note: Users are encouraged to troubleshoot their VPN issues in an effort to find a solutions. However, if the VPN has been modified with custom configuration options, a favorable outcome is less likely if Whonix developers are not made aware of the modification.

  • Please answer: Is Whonix currently configured to use a second tunnel-link/proxy or bridge?
  • (If applicable) Links to similar issues found on the Whonix forums and/or other offsite forums/resources.
  • To list previous commands, run.