VPN/Setup/Support Requests

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Before submitting a support request for VPN related issues users are encouraged to follow the Free Support Principle when working towards a solution. Whonix developers will use the information provided by the user to determine if the issue is a technical problem (aka bug) and/or configuration error which is a common reason for VPN connectivity issue.

Before Whonix developers will review the support request, the following information must be provided.

  • Steps to reproduce the behavior. For example, list all command that were run up to this point.[1]
  • Actual behavior. (Detailed explanation. Reports stating "VPN does not work" will be rejected.)
  • Expected behavior. (Reports stating "VPN works" will be rejected.)

The following information is also required.

  • All error messages.
  • VPN logs from debug start section. This can be found under Troubleshooting on this page. Make sure to redact all sensitive information such as VPN server IP addresses. For more on this see why you should Never Post Full System Logs or Configuration Files. VPN logs are required because a configuration error and/or miss-match may not produce an noticeable error.
  • Please answer: Has the VPN configuration been modified aside from the instructions on this page?

Note: Users are encouraged to troubleshoot their VPN issues in an effort to find a solutions. However, if the VPN has been modified with custom configuration options, a favorable outcome is less likely if Whonix developers are not made aware of the modification.

  • Please answer: Is Whonix currently configured to use a second tunnel-link/proxy or bridge?
  • (If applicable) Links to similar issues found on the Whonix forums [archive] and/or other offsite forums/resources.
  • To list previous commands, run.