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The website whonix.org takes an individual's privacy seriously and collects as little information as possible. IP logs are disabled and apache mod-removeip is being used. [1] If events such as spamming or abuse become widespread, then it may be necessary to re-enable IP logging.

In any case, it is recommended to visit this website using either Tor Browser in Whonix or the Tor Browser Bundle. Although this server is rented from a reputable server provider, their logging policy cannot be audited.

A written privacy policy is not worth much anyway, since it is only privacy on paper. That is why anonymity preserving tools such as Whonix and Tor Browser have been created in the first place; to enforce privacy by design.

Valid SSL Certificate Yes
HTTPS Everywhere [2] Inclusion Yes [3]
OpenPGP-signed Fingerprint of whonix.org's SSL Certificate Yes [4]
Passed Qualys SSL LABS [5] SSL Server Test [6]: Yes, A rating. [7]
HSTS [8] Yes [9]
HSTS Preloading List [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] Yes [15] [16] [17]
Certificate Authority (CA) Pinning No [18]
HTTP Public Key Pinning[19] No [20]
Flagged Revisions [21] Yes, admins must verify changes before they become the default version.
Secondary .onion Domain [22] Yes [23] [24]
Content Security Policy (CSP) No [25] [26] [27]

If users have any further suggestions, please edit this entry or discuss possible changes in the Whonix forums.


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