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Whonix ™ needs more people to test new Whonix ™ security features.

Please contribute by becoming a tester. This is a volunteer task.

Whonix ™ is Freedom Software / Open Source. All existing [archive] and new security features and underlying concepts are available free of charge for any purpose, provided the respective license agreements are honored. Freedom Software [archive] licensed.

Testers only! Testers only!

New Security Features Looking for Testers[edit]

The following security features are currently available in Whonix ™ but are still disabled by default. After potential bugs are ironed out, these features are planned for enabling by default in a future Whonix ™ upgrade and release. The ordering below reflects developer views on their "production-ready" status -- from most to least ready.

  1. Reduce Kernel Information LeaksRestrict Hardware Information to Root - Testers Wanted! [archive]
  2. SUID Disabler and Permission Hardener
  3. Hardened Malloc Kicksecure
  4. Block Networking until sdwdate FinishesTesters wanted! Blocking networking until sdwdate finished! [archive]
  5. LKRGLinux Kernel Runtime Guard (LKRG) - Testers Wanted! [archive]
  6. Install Newer Kernel Versions
  7. apparmor-profile-everythingFull System AppArmor Policy - Testers Wanted! [archive]

Upgrade Package Repository Testing[edit]

Whonix ™ requires a critical mass of users to properly test planned updates by enabling the stable-proposed-updates or testers repository. [1] Otherwise, bugs might go undiscovered and be inadvertently introduced into the stable repository.

To ensure a stable Whonix ™ system is available at all times, willing testers should:

Then perform normal user activities.

Please only report bugs after first searching relevant Whonix ™ forums and developer portals for the problem. (Please use Search Engines and see Documentation First)

Additional Testing[edit]

The most active testers are recommended to:

  • Stay Tuned
  • Check forum tag testers-wanted, see: [archive]
    • If a Whonix ™ release is still tagged testers-wanted, first check if there is already a corresponding Whonix ™ stable release of that version. To find out, check Stay Tuned. If there is already a release of that version, then no extra testing is required anymore. That would mean that removal of the testers-wanted forum tag has been forgotten.

See Also[edit]


  1. The developers repository is only recommended for experts or those in touch with Whonix ™ developers.

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