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Translations:Advanced Security Guide/466/zh-hans

  • Read [$83 Stream Isolation]</>.
  • Read [$84 Connections between Whonix-Gateway and Whonix-Workstation].
  • Read [$85 Entropy].
  • Restrict TransPort: Explained under $86 Whonix-Workstation is firewalled.
  • MAC Address: If you are interested in the discussion about anonymizing MAC addresses, you could read the development discussion and draw conclusions from it, see [$87 Pre Install Advice MAC Address]].
  • Of course you should read all [$88 Documenation] pages. (Although some stuff will not be of concern for you. For example, if you are not interested in Remailers or Mixmaster, you obviously don't have to thoroughly study these pages.
  • Design: Still reading? Great! Please check the Technical [$89 Design], it contains further recommendations on what is less than ideal and how it could possibly be improved.