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VirtualBox does not have a dedicated maintainer. Whonix ™ VirtualBox support is a remnant from an earlier development period, when no other supported platforms were supported. VirtualBox images are still built by Whonix ™ lead developer Patrick Schleizer, but development efforts have shifted to Qubes.

Although VirtualBox is given less developer attention, grave security issues are unlikely due to the Whonix ™ design. Rudimentary testing of new images and updates is still performed by Schleizer on a Debian host and by Ego on a Windows host. Also, no member of the Whonix ™ team is currently testing Whonix ™ VirtualBox images on Mac hosts, which means progress on the VirtualBox development task list will be slow. For these reasons, VirtualBox is considered to provide a "Production" level of security on the Windows and Linux platforms, but has only received an "Experimental" label for macOS.

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