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Working on Jekyll inside Whonix Workstation


The Whonix homepage may undergo a few changes in the future to make it more appealing. This may or may not happen using the Ruby based static site generator Jekyll. That is why the following guide will explain how to use it inside a Whonix Workstation.


Everything here needs to be done inside a Whonix Workstation.

(Firefox-ESR is required, because Tor Browser no longer supports visiting Any other browser would work as well.)

Open a terminal. As normal, not root user!

Get into your home folder.

cd ~

Install Ruby and the necessary libraries:

sudo apt-get install ruby ruby-dev make gcc nodejs

Now, install Jekyll via Ruby using the "gem" command:

sudo gem install jekyll

Check whether Jekyll has been installed properly:

jekyll -v

This should output something along the lines of "jekyll 3.1.6".

Install github pages and git, as these tools are often necessary for managing Jekyll based websites:

sudo gem install github-pages
sudo apt-get install git

Now, create a new Jekyll site using the following command (replace "insert site name" with whatever you want the site to be named):

jekyll new "insert site name"
cd "insert site name"

Start a local webserver:

jekyll serve

Go to and look at your fresh site. You can stop the server from running by pressing "Ctrl+C".

You may edit this page by using the files in the folder located in "home/user/"insert site name"".

Random News:

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