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Sun Mar 2 14:58:10 CET 2014


I followed what you said todo and I tried to translate some text, but I
get this error:
"Saving the translation failed: You don't have permission to create new

What should I do?


On 19/12/13 17:22, adrelanos wrote:
> Hi!
> Please make an account on whonix.org. Then go to
> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Main_Page and hit the "Translate this
> page" button. Then click on the "Translate to English" menu on the
> right top and select your language.
> You need to have javascript enabled.
> Translations using Google Translate or similar tools are not allowed
> due to licensing.
> Please tell us how it goes don't hesitate should you have any
> questions. This is our first translation.
> Cheers,
> adrelanos
> jeanelchinger at riseup.net:> Hello,
> > I just read the blog and saw you are looking for a volunteer to
> translate
> > into your native language. I am willing and glad to help.
> > I am a PHP web developer and a long time gnu/linux user and started
> > to know about whonix a year ago.
> > I would be glad to translate the wiki in French. I already started
> > to provide some translations for prism-break.org from time to
> > time.
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