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Thu Dec 3 22:01:55 CET 2015

Blogging at Whonix blog now got a lot more convenient. It is really fun now.

	twitterfeed, a online service, is being used to automatically share blog posts to Whonix's facebook page.
	The wordpress plugin wp-to-twitter is being used to simplify tweeting. On the right side in the wordpress editor, there is now a field that allows automatically creating a tweet from a template. It would also be possible to totally automate it, i.e. to post #title# - #url#, but sometimes it's better to tailor the tweet a bit more. No more need to manually copy and paste the blog url and blog title for adding new blog posts to Whonix's twitter account. Twitterfeed could also be used to automate it, but last time I checked it didn't allow to customize the tweets.
	The wordpress plugin wp-discourse is being used for multiple purposes.

	To automate mirroring blog posts to the Whonix forums. Unfortunately, it can only be configured to use the same forum category. It does not (yet?) support mapping specific wordpress blog categories to specific discourse sub forums. So the newly posted discourse thread has to be manually moved into the right category.
	To spare users from creating multiple accounts. No wordpress accounts necessary anymore. Comments can be made in the forum thread that has been mirrored from the wordpress blog.
	To sync back comments in forum threads to blog posts.

	The wordpress plugin post-to-email is being used to mirror wordpress blog posts to the Whonix development mailing list.

If you would like to become a Whonix blog author, please get in contact.

This is a follow up to the older blog post Future Goals for Whonix’s Website.

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