[Whonix-devel] Whonix Connection Wizard / Bridge Wizard / Tor Launcher Clone

sajolida sajolida at pimienta.org
Fri Dec 11 12:08:18 CET 2015

> I'm reading the discussion started in
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2015-December/000002.html. Its
> quite interesting, but I have no time to participate at he moment.

Throughout this email I'll point to bits of this discussion that I think
relevant for your redesign work.

> A short status of the development in Whonix.
> - the bridges options (obfs3, obfs4 and scramblesuit only for the time
> being) are implemented.
> - a progress bar shows the bootstrap percent and the bootstrap phase is
> displayed. The process can be interrupted by the user at any time.
> - the proxy UI (Tor Launcher like) is ready, but not the code to set up
> a proxy. After reading some of the comments and watching videos from the
> participants in
> https://github.com/lindanlee/circumvention-ux-tor/tree/master/sessions/pre/videos,
> that might evolve.

The place of proxy configuration in the current Tor Launcher is under
debate [0].

[0]: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2015-December/000014.html

> - probably Whonix specific (we are only updating torrc and restarting
> Tor in the gateway, no Tor browser), Tor can be disabled.
> I have added some screenshots in the Whonix blog.
> A notable difference with Tor Launcher. When going back to the first
> page of the wizard or when restarting it, the previous configuration is
> forgotten. If the user press "Connect", it will really connect to the
> network without bridge and/or proxy.

Mark Smith and Kathy Brade consider this behavior of Tor Launcher as a
bug [1]. So I guess they would be ready to work on a fix upstream, that
would then benefit to everybody depending on Tor Launcher. Did you get
in touch with them regarding this?

[1]: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2015-December/000016.html

> Of course there could be a lot of usability-foolproof improvements, and
> I believe that Patrick, like myself is open to discussion. Most of it
> could take place at 32c3.

Cool! In the meantime I might register a session for the IFF (deadline
on December 15) but I'd be interested in chatting about this at 32C3 of

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