[Whonix-devel] whonix-developer-meta-files, packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/whonix_build command; .xz creation/compression

Patrick Schleizer adrelanos at riseup.net
Wed Jun 17 02:31:45 CEST 2015

.xz creation/compression isn't manual. Fortunately. Updated
documentation or let's just call it notes here:


This command:

packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/whonix_build --gnw --
./release/prepare_release --target qcow2 --target virtualbox --build

It's suited to streamline my release maintenance work steps.

packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/whonix_build is a command for
automation. In essence --gnw, it runs these two commands:

./release/prepare_release --target qcow2 --target virtualbox --build
--flavor whonix-gateway

./release/prepare_release --target qcow2 --target virtualbox --build
--flavor whonix-workstation

--all would do the same for whonix-custom-workstation. Or --flavor
whonix-gateway would do it for the gateway only. The latter is not that
useful (just a byproduct), because then you could use
./release/prepare_release as standalone.

./release/prepare_release does several things.


The essence of the main() function.


In other words,
- creates/compresses .xz files
- creates sha256 and sha512 files
- creates torrent files
- creates signatures for all the above files
- verifies all the signatures (sanity test)

There is no standalone libvirt_compress yet. No switches to just pick
certain functions. A developer could quickly comment out the unneeded
functions in the main() functions though.

Further automation, doing this after build would require a new build
step. Not sure that's worth it.


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