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These are notes for producing official downloadable binary Whonix images.



Pre Building[edit]

Only required if you want to redistribute (official) Whonix builds.

Clean source code

  • [1]
  • [2]
  • You can get a list of unwanted files with git clean -dfxn and remove them with git clean -dfx.
  • Update Whonix debian package repository.
  • add your own default-key to your own /home/user/.gnupg/gpg.conf
  • Check that all packages point to a signed git commit and signed git tag.
~/Whonix/packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/debug-steps/packaging-helper-script pkg_verify_signed_commit_and_tag
  • push the source code to github
git push origin master
  • Check, that the current git commit is a signed.
## You might wish using a git or bash alias to safe typing.
git log --show-signature HEAD^..HEAD

Or use the generic makefile as a shortcut.

make git-commit-verify
  • Create an OpenPGP signed git tag. This will also be used as Whonix version number.
git tag -s version
  • Make sure the current git head is a signed git commit and signed git tag.

To simplify this, you could use the generic makefile.

make git-verify
  • Push the OpenPGP signed git tag to github.
git push origin version
  • Enable Whonix stable repository by default.
export WHONIX_APT_REPOSITORY_OPTS='--enable --repository stable'
  • And use sudo -E so above environment is kept.
  • Remember to build both ova images as well as qcow2 images by using these build script command line arguments.
--target qcow2 --target virtualbox


export WHONIX_APT_REPOSITORY_OPTS='--enable --repository stable'
sudo -E ./whonix_build --build --target virtualbox --target qcow2 --flavor whonix-gateway
sudo -E ./whonix_build --build --target virtualbox --target qcow2 --flavor whonix-workstation

Post Building[edit]

Only required if you want to redistribute (official) Whonix builds.

  • OpenPGP sign the images.
~/Whonix/packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/release/prepare_release --flavor whonix-gateway --target virtualbox --build
~/Whonix/packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/release/prepare_release --flavor whonix-workstation --target virtualbox --build
~/Whonix/packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/release/prepare_release --flavor whonix-custom-workstation --target virtualbox --build
cd ~/Whonix/packages/whonix-developer-meta-files/release/news

Edit the files.

  • OpenPGP sign, verify, transfer Whonix News Files.
  • Upload the images.


  • At least a few testers should test final releases before posting a news. Testers may be found by posting a news.
  • LeakTests!
  • Test the images before final release! (Testers-only releases can be uploaded straight away.)

Wiki Page Updates[edit]


Delete Packages[edit]




  • Finally announce: Post a news. (Not nagging external lists. Common sense. Mostly only final releases.)

    • In Whonix Important and Feature Blog.


  1. get rid of .directory files inside the source code:
    dolphin -> preferences -> general -> behavior -> use common view properties for all folders
  2. get rid of ~backup files:
    find ./ -name '*~' | xargs trash-put

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