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Anonymous user #1

7 days ago
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Hi, I apologize for the stupid question. I searched all over the place and could not find a clear answer to this. I have whonix with virtualbox, now using xfce. How do I run an update? It used to be sudo-get update and then there was a second command as well, which had to be run in both the gateway and in the workstation. How do I do it now?

Anonymous user #1

4 days ago
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Patrick said: Just click on Whonix with XFCE and then hit the download button.

This is not adequate for us users who are on the less technical side. I couldn't find the "Whonix with XFCE, where I am supposed to click." If I did, I could probably "hit the download button" if I found it, but then I still would probably be stuck. Am I going to run something something after that to do the update? If so, where to I find the downloaded files, and what to I do to start the updateing? Or is the "download button" really an "update button," Where it does the downloads and updating all by itself?


3 days ago
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> I couldn't find the "Whonix with XFCE"

It's on this very website.

> If I did, I could probably "hit the download button" if I found it, but then I still would probably be stuck.

Please read the rest of that page. https://www....tualBox/XFCE

> Am I going to run something something after that to do the update? If so, where to I find the downloaded files, and what to I do to start the updateing?

Have a look at Documentation.

See also Linux User Experience versus Commercial Operating Systems.

Anonymous user #1

2 days ago
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Thank you very much, that is what I was looking for. First I did sudo apt-get update a couple times, on both gateway and workstation.

When I tried sudo apt-get dist-upgrade on gateway, there were lots of error 404, and it ends with "Unable to fetch some archives." It suggests to run apt-update or "try with --fix-missing?" I couldn't tell whether I was supposed to add this to the "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" command or to the "sudo apt-get update" command.

I also tried "cat /etc/whonix_version" and it returns "14" where the wiki said that it should return "15".

Should I be trying to wipe everything and installing whonix again from the start? (From what I read, it sounds like this is a pretty big procedure, because virtualbox puts files all over the pc, which are re-read on installation, leading to problems.)


one day 23 hours 58 minutes ago
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No need to Release Upgrade. Only if you want to upgrade in-place.

You can just download new Whonix ova files. Easier. VirtualBox/XFCE

You can keep existing VMs. Or delete them.

No need to reinstall VirtualBox.

Anonymous user #1

4 days ago
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i need the "ISO" file for USB install method, please email me the link to andika.droid123 [at] gmail [dot] com


3 days ago
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There is no ISO. Yet. Possibly in future. Check back later.

At the moment Whonix is primarily used inside Virtual Machines.

Anonymous user #1

11 hours 43 minutes ago
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This may sound like another stupid question, but how do I fix the screen size bug, I have looked at the suggested workaround in the installation guide but I can't find those settings anywhere. Maybe they have changed the setup since that page was published. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


20 minutes ago
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VM needs to be started first.

VirtualBox VM window.

Not VirtualBox main window.

Maximize the window. (as soon as VM is started)

VirtualBox VM Window → View → Virtual Screen 1 → Choose any, resize to another resolution

VirtualBox VM Window → View → Auto-resize Guest Display
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