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We are looking for maintainers (developers).

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Professional Support[edit]

Consulting / support for anonymity, privacy, security, data security, Whonix & system administration services.

Send your proposal, asking price (reasonable budget expectations) to lead Whonix Developer Patrick Schleizer for negotiation.

Free Support[edit]

  • When the Tor Browser download script is failing, use the Whonix User Forum. Since many users are affected when it breaks, there is probably already an existing topic.
  • For Whonix specific questions not suitable for the stackexchange Q/A format, use the Whonix User Forum.

  • Help others, subscribe to Whonix's support channels.

Safety Advice[edit]

Be careful what you say! Especially in public places that are archived! What you say may reveal information about you:

  • Location / IP Address
  • Personality
  • Skills, Aims, Goals
  • Personal Details
  • Etc.

To keep your IP address hidden, visit these places anonymously over Tor, using either the Whonix-Workstation or the Tor Browser Bundle from The Tor Project.

To not link your questions to an existing email or OpenID, use a separate e-mail address, OpenID, and user names just for this purpose.

Be careful with the advice you are getting in public places. Get a second opinion, and do not run commands or perform steps which you do not understand.

Never post any custom code that pertains to your system or Hidden Service specifically.

In Whonix forum account settings uncheck the "Show others my online status" option and hit the "change profile" button to store. [5]

General Advice[edit]

Got No Anonymous E-Mail Address?[edit]

Try safe-mail.net, HMAmail, outlook mail or http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion. This is not an endorsement! Don't trust them with anything. Just use them for creating the forum account.

As last resort, contact Patrick or IronSoldier on IRC, tell them your desired user name and password. They can create an account for you that does not require e-mail verification.


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