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Free Support[edit]

  • For Whonix specific questions not suitable for the stackexchange Q/A format, use the Whonix User Forum.

  • Help others, subscribe to Whonix's support channels.

Safety Advice[edit]

Be careful what you say! Especially in public places that are archived! What you say may reveal information about you:

  • Location / IP Address
  • Personality
  • Skills, Aims, Goals
  • Personal Details
  • Etc.

To keep your IP address hidden, visit these places anonymously over Tor, using either the Whonix-Workstation or the Tor Browser Bundle from The Tor Project.

To not link your questions to an existing email or OpenID, use a separate e-mail address, OpenID, and user names just for this purpose.

Be careful with the advice you are getting in public places. Get a second opinion, and do not run commands or perform steps which you do not understand.

Never post any custom code that pertains to your system or Hidden Service specifically.

General Advice[edit]

Free Support Principle[edit]


  • 1) See in Documentation if your question has already been discussed. Use search engines.
  • 2) If possible, please try removing the Whonix specific part of your question.
  • 3) Try if the same happens with vanilla Debian jessie [and KDE] [inside your virtualizer] [over Tor].
  • 4) If yes...
    • 4) a) Congratulations! You can access different sources of support. For example Debian user forums, unix stackexchange, VirtualBox forums, KVM mailinglist, Qubes issue tracker, Tor mailing list, community or developers of the specific software you wonder about (for example Libre Office) and so forth.
    • 4) b) See if it has been discussed in Whonix's forum or issue tracker. If applicable, create a new post.
  • 5) If applicable, please consider contributing your solution back to Whonix's forum and/or Documentation.


In an ideal world, all free support requests would be answered with in layman terms with no future effort. Or even better, it would be so simple, you wouldn't even have to ask questions. Unfortunately, we are not living in an ideal, but the real world. Time and knowledge is limited. Whonix will always be free in price as well as Free as in freedom? (Why?) Therefore below the approach of treating your users as co-developers[5] is elaborated.

For many, and most common questions Documentation is provided. Should your question be already documented, the only answer you will get is a link to the documentation.

Whonix is a Linux distribution. We are integrators. Whonix is based on several components and software projects developed by other projects. It is standing on the shoulders of giants. For the Whonix team it is impossible to know the answer to each and every question on every part it is based on. Therefore, whenever possible, please consider if your question can be made a general question, unspecific to Whonix. Try removing the Whonix specific part from your question. Try rephrasing it. Try asking it elsewhere. For some types of questions, this is realistically the only way you can get an answer.

As explained in more detail on the About page, on the most basic view, Whonix is based on a supported platform, Debian, two software packages by The Tor Project (TPO), Tor, and Tor Browser and many others.

To oversimplify it: Whonix is just a collection of configuration files and scripts.

Whonix isn't a stripped down version of Debian. For example, anything you can do with "vanilla" Debian GNU/Linux, you can do with Whonix. Likewise, most problems and questions can be solved in the same way. For example: "How do I install xrandr on Whonix?" -- "The same way you would with Debian apt-get install xrandr". Whonix doesn't break anything and doesn't stop you from using anything you want.

For example, a question inappropriate for the Whonix support would be "How do I save a document in Libre Office as PDF?". This is something you can easily find out your self using search engines. And if not, LibreOffice would behave the same on Debian or even any operating system. The recipient for the question should be the LibreOffice community. On the other hand, in the hypothetical (unlikely) case, the following would be a very appropriate one for the Whonix support: "I know how to save a document in LibreOffice as a PDF. It doesn't work in Whonix. How can I make it work in Whonix?"

Please don't substitute writing Tor when you mean Tor Browser or the confusion will be perfect. It's Tor, not TOR.

Got No Anonymous E-Mail Address?[edit]

Try safe-mail.net, HMAmail, outlook mail or http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion. This is not an endorsement! Don't trust them with anything. Just use them for creating the forum account.

As last resort, contact Patrick or IronSoldier on IRC, tell them your desired user name and password. They can create an account for you that does not require e-mail verification.

Professional Support[edit]

Consulting / support for anonymity, privacy, security, data security, Whonix & system administration services.

Send your proposal, asking price (reasonable budget expectations) to lead Whonix Developer Patrick Schleizer for negotiation.


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