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There are five ways to support Whonix ™ financially:

1. Sponsoring a new feature - please get in contact for details.

2. Paying for Priority Support.

3. Paying for Priority Support in lieu of a donation. [1]

4. Invest.

Our Terms of Service apply.

Corporations who purchase Priority Support packages may be able to claim these as tax-deductible expenses - first consult a tax advisor, as this does not constitute tax advice.

Easy / Anyone[edit]

Feel free to do any or all of the following - any help is most welcome. When contributing, always consider your own protection and safety as the first priority, particularly if you are at risk.


Please rate Whonix ™.


Please write reviews for Whonix ™.

Spread Awareness[edit]

Tell your friends, family and acquaintances about Whonix ™. Post Whonix ™ news [archive] on your website, blog or social media.

Follow Whonix ™[edit]

Follow one or more of the following sources: [2]

Wikipedia Editing[edit]

Please help to improve Whonix ™ Wikipedia Page [archive] (English). [3] See the feedback thread [archive] for further information. Or if you speak German, help to keep Whonix ™ German Wikipedia Page [archive] up-to-date.


Whonix ™ needs more people to test new Whonix ™ features, bug fixes and so on.

Run the Whonix ™ Backup Script[edit]

Create a backup of the Whonix ™ Anonymous Operating System website and source code. The more people that retain backups, the less likely Whonix ™ can be erased from the history books. This can be done periodically, every now and then or when convenient.

See: How to Backup Whonix ™ for further details.


Whonix ™ requires more recent and awesome Screenshots. Donate them to Whonix ™ or release them into the public domain [archive].


We need more Whonix ™ Videos, particularly in languages other than English. They can be demonstration videos, promotional videos, conceptual videos or tutorials. Donate them to Whonix ™ or release them into the public domain [archive]. We also have a video script waiting to be produced - please get in contact for further details.

Social Media / Marketing[edit]

Although social media platforms erode privacy goals by collecting a lot of user data, we believe they are important venues for marketing and communication in the modern era.

If you are willing to help or to maintain any Whonix ™ social media profiles, please get in contact.


Whonix ™ wiki contains many external links. After any external link, there is another [archive] link. These links point to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, a web archive. However, some links may not actually been archived yet. To contribute, click [archive] links and click through the archival process to actually archive the link if it has not been archived yet.


Regular Expression RegEx[edit]

Required for onion-grater.

rewrite source





Task details are here: Dev/onion-grater

Follow Whonix ™ Development[edit]

  • Join the Whonix ™ Development Forum [archive]
    • The forums offers fine-tuned options to subscribe by e-mail. Tthere is on the right side a symbol o.
    • (Edit | New Topic | o)
      • Watching - You will automatically watch all topics in these categories. You will be notified of every new post in every topic, and a count of new replies will be shown.
      • Tracking - - You will automatically track all topics in these categories. You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you, and a count of new replies will be shown.
      • Watching - First Post You will only be notified of the first post in each new topic in these categories.
      • Normal - You will be notified if someone mentions your @name or replies to you.
      • Muted - You will never be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear in latest.
    • You can subscribe via RSS (Latest Posts [archive]);
      • any URL of the forum can be turned into a feed by adding .rss or .json at the end.

Just Start[edit]


Just start working on any open ticket [archive]. One example ticket: [archive]

Or start by working on any of these security TODO [archive] items.


Just start working on this ticket: [archive]

Contributor List[edit]

Table: Components looking for dedicated contributor.

Anon Connection Wizard
AppArmor Profiles
Apple macOS
Automated Test Suite [archive] [4]
Censorship Circumvention Tools other than Bridges
Live DVD [5]
Live USB [5]
Microsoft Windows Installer
msgdispatcher_dispatch_x [archive]
Physical Isolation
Qubes-Whonix ™
Raspberry Pi Whonix-Gateway ™
sdwdate-daemon [archive]
sdwdate-gui [6]
Tor Control Panel [7]
Upgrading Whonix ™ Packages from Source Code
Verifiable Builds
Whonix ™ Homepage [archive]
Whonix ™ Server Version [8]
Whonix ™ Welcome Page [archive]

Contributor Responsibilities[edit]

The tasks of a contributor include:

  • Answering questions in the forums.
  • Keeping the wiki up-to-date.
  • Testing of installation, build and upgrade instructions.
  • Following the issue tracker, squashing bugs and perhaps implementing new features relating to the maintained component.
  • Otherwise self-initiated (guess) work and taking care of the component in question.

This is a volunteer position.

Package Contributor[edit]

Whonix ™ provides a lot of Debian packages; see Overview [archive] for further information. Due to limited Whonix ™ contributors resources, only a few packages are supported on Debian hosts. A lot of these packages are untested and unmaintained in any other Linux distribution.

Would you be interested in maintaining one or more packages for use beyond Whonix ™? For example, in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or other distributions? Maintenance requirements would involve keeping up with code changes and releases, testing if these packages work outside of Whonix ™, eventually reporting bugs or adding new features, and answering user support requests.

If interested, ambitious package contributors could even seek to have one or more Whonix ™ packages accepted into a mainstream Linux distribution.

This is a volunteer position.

General Tasks[edit]

People with skills and interest in the following areas would also help:

  • Good knowledge of Linux networking and iptables.
  • AppArmor profile creation and testing of new AppArmor profiles for improved security.
  • #!/bin/bash
  • Programming languages like Python, Ruby, C, and others.
  • Registration at our issue tracker.
  • Participation in the development forum [archive]; consider hitting the "notify" button to subscribe.
  • Discussion participation - login on github and go to [archive] and press "watch" for notifications about Whonix ™ github issues (this is an old issue tracker and less important).

Release Manager[edit]

If you are willing to have your real name connected to the Whonix ™ project and Tor, please continue reading.

Depending on your interests, your tasks could include:

  • Building Whonix ™ .ova images:
    • Creating stable releases.
    • Creating stable hotfix releases.
    • Creating assorted other builds. [9]
  • Building Whonix ™ .libvirt images.
  • Reporting bugs when builds fail.
  • Signing and uploading releases.
  • Updating the download page.
  • Posting to the blog or mailing lists.
  • Fixing simple build documentation.
  • Dev/Redistribution
  • Essential Whonix ™ Functionality Tests. [10]

This is a volunteer position.

Audit Documentation Changes[edit]

Keep abreast of our wiki changes (rss [archive] Whonix ™ wiki recent changes rss).

Audit Whonix ™[edit]

Audit Whonix ™ security.

Answer Questions[edit]


Knowledge about laws, and international taxes would be helpful. If you are interested, please e-mail Patrick Schleizer at


The PayPal logo (60px-De-pp-logo-200px.png), the subscribe button (subscribeCC_LG.gif), the buy now button (Btn_buynowCC_LG.gif) and the pixel (pixel.gif) are copyrighted by PayPal.


  1. Users may send any amount of funds to Whonix ™. A consultation service commensurate with the amount contributed will be negotiated between both parties.
  2. First consider the risk of following Whonix ™ on social media in your personal circumstances.
  3. Be aware that Tor exit nodes are usually prevented from editing.
  4. 5.0 5.1 See Whonix Host for inspiration.
  5. sdwdate-gui [archive]
  6. Related entry: Website and Server Tests.
      • Creating terminal-only Whonix-Gateway ™.
      • Creating testers-only releases.
      • Creating Whonix ™-Gnome-Workstation.
      • Creating Whonix ™-LXDE-Workstation.
      • Creating 64-bit builds.
  7. This will be easy and fast as soon as we add a script.

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