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Ways To Contribute[edit]

Answer Questions

Easy: Donate | Spread | Follow | Testing | Screenshots | Videos | Marketing
Other: Answer User Questions | Wikipedia | Legal Consulting | Backup Whonix
Development: Just Start | Maintain a Component | Maintainer | General | Release Manager | Audit Documentation Changes | Audit Whonix


Bank-gray-md.png bank transfer

Patrick Schleizer
IBAN: DE77500100600320473603

Paypal Subscription

Paypal Me


Paypal Onetime Donation

Other method?

Tell us how you would like to donate.

Bitcoin accepted here


Litecoin accepted here


ETH Ethereum


ETC Ethereum Classic


XMR Monero


DASH Digital Cash


Paysafecard, Ukash or other cash codes

Please submit them by e-mail.

Check, Cash, Money Order

You can send checks or money orders to:

Not at the moment. Please ask if you want to donate that way.


Flattr this




You can also contribute your time to assist in the development of the project.

If you want to sponsor a new feature, please contact us for details.

Please get in contact if you would like to donate but don't know how.

Donations are not tax-deducible: Whonix isn't a registered non-profit organization. In the future we may research creating a non-profit legal structure and applying for recognition of tax-exempt status.

Easy / Anyone[edit]

Feel free to do any or all of them. Any help is welcome. Your own protection and safety are the first priority.


Tell your friends about Whonix. Post news about Whonix on your website, blog or social media.



And if you do not get into any trouble, follow Whonix on social media:


Send feedback about Whonix.


Please help to improve Whonix's Wikipedia Page. See also feedback thread.


Whonix needs more people to test new Whonix features, bug fixes and so on.


Make awesome Whonix Screenshots. Donate them to Whonix or release them into public domain.


We need more Whonix Videos. Maybe in your language? No matter if demonstration videos, promotional videos, conceptual videos or tutorials. Donate them to Whonix or release them into public domain. We also have a video script waiting to be produced, get in contact.

Social Media / Marketing[edit]

Even though they work against privacy goals by collecting a lot of data, we believe they are important for marketing and communication nowadays.

If you are willing to help or to maintain Whonix's Twitter account, Facebook page, Google+, YouTube or identic.ca account, please get in contact.


Just Start[edit]

TODO Code[edit]

Just start working on some ticket. This is some ticket:

TODO Research[edit]

Just start working on this ticket:

TODO Documentation[edit]

Just start working on this ticket:

Maintainer List[edit]

Component Maintainer
Automated Test Suite [1] none
Live DVD none
Live USB none
Physical Isolation none
VirtualBox none
VMware none
Microsoft Windows none
Apple Mac OS none
sclockadj2 none
circumvention graphical user interface (GUI) tor-launcher in Whonix none
Other Censorship Circumvention Tools than Bridges PX18030
Verifiable Builds none
grsecurity none
terminal-only / builds / msgcollector cli none
server version none
Qubes-Whonix Patrick Schleizer
KVM HulaHoop
QEMU none
AppArmor Profiles troubadour
Seccomp / Firejail Profiles Looking for firejail maintainer!
sdwdate-daemon troubadour
sdwdate-gui troubadour
whonix-setup-wizard troubadour
msgdispatcher_dispatch_x troubadour
whonix.org server, wiki, blog, phabricator, mailman fortasse
Wiki Translations Ego
Whonix Welcome Page none
Upgrading Whonix packages from Source Code none


What are the tasks of a maintainer?

  • answering questions in the forums
  • keeping the wiki up to date
  • testing of installation, build, upgrade instructions
  • having a look at the issue tracker, implementing bug fixes and perhaps new features related to the maintained component
  • otherwise self-initiated (guess)work and care keeping for the component in question

This is a volunteer position.

Package Maintainer[edit]

Whonix provides a lot Debian packages. (Overview) Usage of these packages is currently untested and unmaintained in any Linux distributions besides Whonix due to limited recourses of the Whonix team.

Would you be interested to maintain one or another package for using them outside of Whonix? Such as in Debian or so? Maintenance means here, keep up with code changes and releases, test if these packages work outside of Whonix, eventually report bugs or add new features, answer support requests by users.

Or would you be even interested to get one or another package into mainstream Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora or so?

This is a volunteer position.


Any of these would help...

  • Have good knowledge of Linux networking and iptables?
  • AppArmor: Know how to create AppArmor profiles? Join us testing new AppArmor profiles for improved security!
  • #!/bin/bash
  • python
  • ruby
  • C
  • etc.
  • Register at our new issue tracker https://phabricator.whonix.org. Consider to subscribe.
  • development forum, consider hitting the 'notify' button to subscribe
  • Login on github, go to https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/issues and press "watch" to get notified about discussions on Whonix github issues. (old issue tracker, not all that important)

Translations Coordinator[edit]

Release Manager[edit]

If you have no problem having your real name connected to the Whonix project and Tor, please continue reading.

Your task could include, depending on your interest:

  • building Whonix .ova images
    • creating stable releases
    • creating stable hotfix releases
    • you name it[2]
  • building Whonix .libvirt images

  • report bug when build fails
  • signing them
  • uploading them
  • updating the download page
  • blog/mailing-lists posting
  • fixing build documentation, if it's simple or reporting a bug
  • Dev/Redistribution
  • Testing (will be easy and fast as soon we add a script)

KDE Desktop Developer[edit]

If you know KDE desktop scripting, for example how to change the Desktop folder view using a script and would volunteer to answer such questions that would be immensely helpful.

Audit Documentation Changes[edit]

Keep up to date on our wiki changes. (rss Whonix wiki recent changes rss)

Audit Whonix[edit]

Audit Whonix's security.

Backup Whonix[edit]

Run WhonixBackupScript.

Download Mirror[edit]

Hosting a Whonix Mirror


Whonix needs more people to test new Whonix features, bug fixes and so on.

Latest testers-wanted posts can be found here:

Answer Questions[edit]

Help other users on Stack Exchange by subscribing to the whonix tag in tor.se and unix.se either by e-mail or by rss (tor.se rss Whonix tor.se rss; unix.se rss Whonix unix.se rss).

Join the Whonix User Forum. You could subscribe via RSS (Latest Posts), any URL of the forum can be turned into a feed by adding .rss or .json at the end.

Join IRC room #Whonix on irc.oftc.net (Webchat).


Knowledge about German laws, gUG and taxes would be helpful. Please e-mail Patrick Schleizer, adrelanos@riseup.net if you are interested.


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  1. Port Tails Test Suite to Whonix or create a new one from scratch.
      • creating terminal-only Whonix-Gateway
      • creating testers-only releases
      • creating Whonix-Gnome-Workstation
      • creating Whonix-LXDE-Workstation
      • creating 64 bit builds