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Interested in becoming an investor? Please get in Contact!

At a minimum, potential investors need to consider the following factors before entering into any arrangements with the Whonix Project:

  • First develop and suggest an appropriate business model as an investment partner.
  • Outline the scope and projected time-frame for the investment.
  • Articulate the level of influence you wish to exert following your investment.
  • If appropriate, describe the profit sharing model that will apply.
  • Be aware that the Whonix business structure means significant capital injections will not necessarily scale to a commensurate rise in profits.
  • The likelihood of a successful collaboration rises exponentially if monetary resources are associated with additional resources, such as:
    • Hardware designers.
    • Programmers.
    • Usability designers.
    • Business developers.
    • Marketers and/or production capabilities.
  • Please also read Why Whonix is Free Software.

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