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Whonix ™ Live Mode is available for Whonix ™ if the host operating system (OS) supports. This means that nothing is saved and Whonix ™ forgets everything you've done after your session. This feature has been long requested and is very suitable for use cases involving sensitive data.

Alternatively, Whonix ™ has a Live Mode boot option.

Boot menu with boot option Live Mode selected.

Introduction and Definitions[edit]

To use Whonix ™ without leaving any traces the feature live mode was introduced. In live mode the system can be used as normal but all data is lost and gone after the session. In sensitive temporary data use cases this is very beneficial.

Whonix ™ live mode is available for Whonix ™ as guest OS and/or if the host OS supports it. A host operating system (OS) runs directly on your physical hardware. A guest OS runs inside a virtual machine.

Terminology on ton this page:

  • A) if live mode is available on the host OS we will use HOST,
  • B) if Whonix ™ is a guest OS we will use VM GUEST.

Starting Live Mode[edit]

1. Boot your Whonix ™ VM (VM GUEST) or power on the computer (HOST)

Restart / reboot if your system is already running.

2. Look closely at the Boot Menu

The grub boot menu (read more about grub bootloader here) will show your 3 options, the asterisk symbol Asterisk symbol.png indicates the selected option. Read all options and analyse their meaning on a basic level. The "normal" mode is called persistent mode.

The three options are

  • Asterisk symbol.png Whonix GNU/Linux
  • Advanced options for Whonix GNU/Linux
  • Whonix Live-mode GNU/Linux

What is the current selection? The current boot option selected is indicated by the asterisk symbol Asterisk symbol.png and also by the white text color.

Can multiple options be chosen at once? No, at a time you can only select on option. The unselected boot options have NO asterisk at the front and a light blue text color.

3. To choose Live Mode use the arrow keys

LIVE mode USER (For daily activities.) - to switch to this option zse the arrow keys (up ↑ and down ↓) on the keyboard.

4. Press ENTER

Simply press enter after you've selected live mode.

5. Done

Now the system is booting into live mode.

See Also[edit]

Since Whonix ™ is based on Kicksecure ™, the user can follow these instructions Kicksecure logo Live Mode The Web Archive Onion Version (links to the Kicksecure ™ website)


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