Forum Best Practices

These are just Recommendations[edit]

These are just some recommendations. Best practices. Not rules. Please do not go crazy about these.

Quotes are clickable to see more context[edit]

A probably lesser known but yet useful forum feature... When you click on a quote that someone posted, it will expand and show more context.

Mediawiki Clean Links[edit]

Please do not posts links such as Happens if you edited a page and then want to share that link. These are considered a bug (or strange feature) by mediawiki. Undesireable. TODO: figure out if there is an upstream bug report at the mediawiki bug tracker. Please post links such as instead. You switch from the to-be-avoided link to the good-link by clicking "Page" at the left top and then "Page" again.

Forum Post Editing Best Practices[edit]

It is appreciated that some people want to increase the quality of our forums and their posts by editing their own forum posts if new information occur to them after posting. However, please keep in mind, that there will be no notification for forum post edits by e-mail or by the forums notification feature. So people who already read your post before your edit will not be informed of the new information. Two options that are better:

  • a) Edit your post and then make a new post stating something like "I edited my last post. Feel free to delete this notification posting." Then either delete the notification posting after a while or leave that for the forum moderators to do. "I edited my last post. Please delete this notification posting."
  • b) Make a new post instead. As long as you are constructive, this is very much fine.

If you are just fixing something minor such as a typo, this is of course not useful.

Avoid Oneboxing for Anchored Links[edit]

What does "oneboxing" mean in Discourse?

When posting a direct, non-anchored link, for example, there is nothing special to regard. Oneboxing will be automatically used unless to desire to not use it for some reason.

If you want to post an anchored link, for example, please avoid oneboxing. You can do this by adding a space in front of the link. This is because the one reading it would likely be confused by the onebox, specifically if the onebox description text is less descriptive than the anchor.

Bumping old Threads is Okay[edit]

Do not worry about that. To resuscitate old threads is okay. Actually better than rehashing the discussion in a new thread is to keep things connected in the existing thread. This causes less duplication and noise in search functions.

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