Qubes-logo-blue.pngWhonix old logo.pngQubes-Whonix is the seamless combination of Qubes-logo-blue.png Qubes OS and Whonix old logo.png Whonix for Security + Anonymity.

Whonix runs on top of Qubes as a VM (virtual machine), just like any other typical OS does in Qubes.

Qubes is based on Xen and Fedora, and through hardware support (VT-x, VT-d, TXT) Qubes provides a security-by-isolation architecture, while also offering a single integrated user-friendly desktop experience across VMs.

Whonix is based on Debian and Tor, and provides a TwoVM split security architecture with isolated Whonix-Gateway (ProxyVM) for total Tor traffic routing and Whonix-Workstation (AppVM) for user desktop applications, which serves as a tailored OS environment for Tor-based privacy/anonymity.

With Qubes-Whonix, you install Qubes as a hypervisor onto your physical host computer, and then install Whonix as two separate TemplateVMs on top of Qubes.

From here, you are able to use the Whonix TemplateVMs to customize and create as many Whonix-Gateway ProxyVMs and Whonix-Workstation AppVMs as you'd like, for optimal privacy-enhanced compartmentalization of your digital life.

Reasons to use Qubes over other Virtualizers.



For general Qubes related issues, use Qubes Support.

For general Whonix, Debian, Tor, etc related issues, use Whonix Support.

For Qubes-Whonix specific issues, use the Whonix Qubes Forum.

Please try looking through the the known issues, guides, documentation, issue tracker, web searches, and past support requests before seeking personal support. Your support needs may already be handled by these.

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