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Logo-windows-500x500.png Logo-apple-500x500.png Logo-linux-500x500.png Logo-debian-500x500.png Virtualbox logo.png Qubes-logo-blue.png Logo-usb-500x500.png Kvm-new-logo.png

Host Knowledge Recommendation OS Virt Status Freedom
Windows Newcomer Windows (Download) Logo-windows-500x500.png Virtualbox logo.png Production FREEDOM
Linux Newcomer VirtualBox (Download) Logo-linux-500x500.png Virtualbox logo.png Production FREEDOM
macOS Newcomer macOS (Download) Logo-apple-500x500.png Virtualbox logo.png Production FREEDOM
Qubes Advanced Qubes-Whonix ™ (Download) Qubes-logo-blue.png Xenproject.png Production FREEDOM
Linux Advanced KVM (Download) Logo-linux-500x500.png Kvm-new-logo.png Production FREEDOM
USB Newcomer USB Logo-usb-500x500.png Logo-usb-500x500.png Production FREEDOM
QEMU Advanced - Logo-linux-500x500.png Qemulogo.svg.png Experimental, Unsupported FREEDOM
Any Advanced - Any12312.png Any12312.png Experimental, Unsupported FREEDOM
2 PCs, personal computer, notebook Advanced x86 compatible 2pcsx86.png Notapplicable.png Experimental FREEDOM
Raspberry Pi 3 B (RPI3) Advanced Whonix-Gateway ™ Raspberry Pi 3 B (RPI3) Raspberrypi.jpg Notapplicable.png Experimental FREEDOM
32-bit Advanced Whonix ™ 32 bit information Any12312.png Any12312.png Production FREEDOM
Source Code Advanced Build Documentation (Download) Any12312.png Any12312.png Production FREEDOM
VMware Advanced VMware Logo-linux-500x500.png Vmware.jpeg Experimental, Declined Feature [1] non-freedom
Hyper-V Advanced Hyper-V Logo-windows-500x500.png Experimental, Declined Feature [1] non-freedom