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Declined feature requests are out-of-scope feature suggestions that are not on the Whonix ™ development roadmap.

This wiki chapter relates to feature requests that have been declined by developers. There are several reasons for a request to be declined; in general, an impartial assessment determines it is incompatible with either the current project priorities, goals and/or policies. The Community Feedback wiki entry provides additional context and factors influencing decision-making:

  • the number of existing, competing priorities and challenges to realize ambitious roadmap goals
  • an existing backlog of unresolved, unaddressed bugs and feature requests
  • limited development (human) resources
  • existing developer priorities
  • the time-intensiveness or complexity of proposed feature requests

In simple terms, declined feature requests are not on the Whonix ™ roadmap and are unlikely to be considered in the future. This also means any voluntary contributions would be refused and Premium Support is unavailable for possible implementation.

Whonix ™ community members should not be discouraged if a feature suggestion is declined. The Whonix ™ project will always remain highly receptive to genuine feedback and suggested improvements from users. For around a decade Whonix ™ has prospered from community input and every suggestion will continue to be noted and carefully considered.

List of Declined Feature Requests[edit]

This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Unsupported host operating system: Debian versions.
    • Generic definition: Debian old-stable versions are unsupported as soon as Whonix ™ was released for the current Debian stable version and Whonix ™ Support Schedule for the Debian old-stable version has been expired.
    • Current main specific definition: Using Debian host operating systems (or its derivatives such as Kicksecure ™) based on Debian version lower than 11 (bullseye) are unsupported.
    • Current alternative specific definition In other words, the minimum and recommended Debian version is 11 (bullseye).
  • Miscellaneous unsupported platform support:
  • Downloads options:
  • Unlisted list entries: If a Whonix ™ forum admin links to this wiki page, then this means the feature request is also declined but hasn't been added to this list here yet.