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Community Support Only means that, Whonix ™ developers are unlikely provide free support for wiki pages which mention Community Support Only and link to this wiki page. This is a bit different from unsupported.

Please help us better support this feature by becoming a contributor.

Consider Free Support Principle.

It might be possible to get this feature implemented, documented, tested and/or supported by purchasing Professional Support.

A lot documentation was contributed by the Whonix ™ community. At the time of documentation submission, it was audited to the best ability of Whonix ™ developers and deemed to be non-malicious. In many cases the steps were reproduced and confirmed to be functional. In other cases, documentation was added by Whonix ™ developers at the time when they were interested in these topics. Interests change over time.

A lot of such documentation is still useful for many users interested in these topics. Occasionally some things do not work for some users either due to user error, localized issues, transient (network) issues caused by third parties, updates by third parties, other or unknown causes.

Such documentation will not be deleted, but instead its support status will be properly clarified.

Interested users are free to ask in Whonix ™ forums. Especially if there are related forum threads where the functionality in question was initially brought up by the Whonix ™ community or contributor prior and/or after creation of the community documentation. There is a chance that the contributor or community will answer. However, Whonix ™ developers should not be expected to replicate the functionality, re-test, troubleshoot any issues.


  • Non-perfect documentation is sometimes enhanced or fixed by the Whonix ™ community.
  • An analogy: A popular speaker at a conference had been approached by 500 people before the speech. Each individual requested a private discussion of just only 5 minutes. The speaker made a rough calculation. ~ 500 people multiplied by 5 minutes equals 2500 minutes. That is ~ 41 hours. That is more than one day worth of time. Therefore it's not feasible to speak with every individual for 5 minutes.
  • Due to time restraints, Whonix ™ developers cannot constantly re-test if combination of Whonix ™ with third party software is still functional.

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