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Whonix Features[edit]

Whonix is an Anonymous Operating System. It hides your IP/location and uses Tor to anonymize your data traffic. This means that neither the contacted server, nor any eavesdropper on your connections, nor the operators of the Tor network themselves can realize which webservice you use.

To learn about its differences, check the Comparison with Others.

Basically any program can be used together with Whonix:

  • For web browsing, Tor Browser is included.
  • Messengers, like Tor Messenger and Ricochet IM.
  • Privacy friendly e-mail client: Mozilla Thunderbird with TorBirdy
  • scp for secure data transfer from and to a server.
  • Unobserved administration of servers via SSH
  • Web servers: Apache, ngnix, IRC servers, etc. via Hidden Services
  • Other programs...

It is possible, with the help of Whonix, to use applications via Tor, which are not capable of proxy support by themselves.

Everything is explained in Documentation.

Feature List[edit]

Advantages of Whonix[edit]

  • All applications, including those, which do not support proxy settings, will automatically be routed through Tor.[2] [3] [4]


  • Installation of any software package possible. [6] [7] [8] [9]
  • Safe hosting of Hidden Services possible. [10] [11]
  • Protection against side channel attacks, no IP or DNS leaks possible. [12]
  • Advantage over Live CD's: Tor's data directory is still available after reboot, due to persistent storage. Tor requires persistent storage to save its Entry Guards [13].
  • Java / JavaScript [14] [15] / flash / Browser Plugins [16] / misconfigured applications cannot leak your real external IP. See Security in Real World.
  • Protection against IP/location discovery through root exploits (Malware [17] with root rights) inside Whonix-Workstation. But you should really not test it [18]

Disadvantages of Whonix[edit]

  • More difficult to set up compared to the regular Tor Browser.
  • Needs virtual machines or spare hardware.
  • Updating OS and applications behind the Tor proxy is slow.
  • Higher maintenance required. [24]

Tunnel Support[edit]

Various tunneling permutations are possible and functional in Whonix. Connections can be routed through a VPN, SSH, or proxy before Tor, after Tor, or both.

Using Tunnels in Whonix

Tor can also be replaced with another protocol, although only some combinations and networks will work (such as I2P and JonDonym). This work is partially complete, but features will remain unfinished for the foreseeable future (see Other Anonymizing Networks).

Comparison of Whonix, Tails, Tor Browser, TorVM and corridor[edit]

Comparison of Whonix, Tails, Tor Browser, TorVM and corridor


Gratitude is expressed to JonDos for permission to use material from their website. (w) (w) [25] The "Whonix Features" chapter of the Whonix Features wiki page contains content from the JonDonym documentation Features page.


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