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Groups of users using Whonix.

Privacy Enjoyers

Privacy is not only a human right it is a fundamental ingredient for research, personal and business development and progress in general. With Whonix Privacy Enjoyers can rest assured that no one tracks them, profiles them and analyses their data. Whonix is their powerful privacy and anonymity companion.

Freedom Lovers

There is a philosophical struggle in the world between control advocates and Freedom Lovers. Whonix is on the freedom loving side, because freedom is essential for creativity, excitement and life quality. Whonix is free, fully auditable and without artificial limitations. Use it freely like a powerful toolbox.

Secret Protectors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs

In this highly competitive world CEOs, business owners and secret protectors in general always have something important to hide by nature. With highly advances features Whonix protects your secrets from private, corporate and government prying eyes on the Internet.

Business Researchers, Freethinkers, Authors

Our Internet experience is already highly customized through search engine and social media algorithms. Whonix lets you view the digital world like a Jon Doe, an unknown user and thereby gives you a broader and more neutral perspective in your research.

Truth Tellers

Investigative journalists, human rights advocates and Truth Tellers in general need a fast horse as the saying goes. Or they use Whonix to be truly anonymous on the Internet and greatly reduce risks to their lives.


When you're in another country or in public spaces your access to the Internet might be greatly limited due to unreasonable WIFI restrictions or due to geo-blocking. Whonix can circumvent many of these limitations to enable you to surf just like at home.

IT Professionals

Programmers, admins and other IT professionals know the risks of using the Internet without protection all too well. Whonix give you a convenient and powerful way to use the Internet safely. And best of all: You can audit everything by yourself.

Real Life Phantoms

Some people simply need to be invisible. This might be due to their job. Or maybe they are a protected witness. Maybe they're in hiding from a criminal organisation. Or maybe the just want to stay secluded. Whonix gives you an option to stay connected while greatly reducing the risks of being detected.

We believe security software like Whonix needs to remain open source and independent. Would you help sustain and grow the project? Learn more about our 12 year success story and maybe DONATE!