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File Sharing

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Please limit![edit]

Whonix will keep your IP address hidden while you use BitTorrent and other file sharing and P2P programs. However, because the Tor network suffers from limited bandwidth shared among many users, please be aware of how much you are downloading and uploading with these programs: A single 500 megabyte media file can equal hours of browsing for another user.

Violation of copyright laws risks harassment against exit nodes. To learn more about legal protections for file sharing in your country, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_aspects_of_file_sharing

The Tor Project[edit]

The Tor Project has yet to make a definite, official statement about the use of BitTorrent over the Tor network.

Quote Jacob Appelbaum:

[...] I'm not clear that it will harm the network if Tails includes a BitTorrent client. I think that the harm comes when someone runs a few seeding boxes through Tor and doesn't bother to add any capacity to the network at all. [...]

Quote Andrew Lewman says:

[...] There are completely legitimate uses of bittorrent over Tor. I've talked to people who want to get their ISO of Fedora or Ubuntu from outside their country, so they bt over tor to do so. [...] I'm fully aware that the tor codebase punishes me for doing large downloads over Tor, so be it. [...]

Quote: Roger Dingledine:

[...] We've been saying for years not to run Bittorrent over Tor, because the Tor network can't handle the load; [...]

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