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Anon Connection Wizard



anon-connection-wizard is a python-based application that helps users in different Internet environments connect to the Tor network. Specifically, anon-connection-wizard assists in connecting to the Tor network via a Tor Bridge and/or a proxy. It prompts the user with questions about their network environment, like whether they live in a censored area. Based on this information the program then generates the most suitable Tor configuration possible, which is saved in a file called anon-connection-wizard.torrc in the /etc/torrc.d/ directory.


The following screenshots provide a visual impression of anon-connection-wizard.

Figure: Main torrc Configuration Page

Main page.png

Figure: Default Bridge Page

Bridge page default.png

Figure: Custom Bridge Page

Bridge page custom.png

Figure: Local Proxy Configuration Page


Figure: Summary Configuration Page

Torrc page.png

Figure: Tor Network Bootstrapping Page


Anon Connection Wizard vs Tor Launcher[edit]

anon-connection-wizard shares several similar functions with the current Tor-launcher. Tor-launcher is considered as "upstream" [1] of anon-connection-wizard. As a consequence, the anon-connection-wizard developers are trying to maintain code compatibility with the latest version of Tor-launcher and collaborate closely in Tor Launcher's design and development process.

Despite this, both applications actually have very different use cases. Currently, the implementation of Tor-launcher heavily relies on the Tor Browser (which is based on Firefox). However, a Tor user will not always be a Tor Browser Bundle user. A large number of people still prefer to run core Tor with different torified applications ("system Tor users"), including all Whonix users. This cohort may prefer anon-connection-wizard because it does not rely on Tor browser and almost all dependencies have already been packaged into Debian.

Anon Connection Wizard vs Whonix Setup Wizard[edit]

For safety reasons, Whonix 14 and later releases will not automatically connect to the public Tor network when it starts for the first time. Users are currently guided by the Whonix Setup Wizard, which is automatically started on the first run. Whonix Setup Wizard's primary limitation is failing to help the user configure a Tor Bridge or a proxy before connecting to Tor.

In the future, anon-connection-wizard will either replace or be integrated into Whonix Setup Wizard.

Run Anon Connection Wizard[edit]

anon-connection-wizard will be first available in Whonix 14.

To run it.

If you are using Qubes-Whonix, complete the following steps.

Qubes App Launcher (blue/grey "Q") -> Whonix-Gateway ProxyVM (commonly named sys-whonix) -> Anon Connection Wizard

If you are using a graphical Whonix-Gateway, complete the following steps.

Start Menu -> Applications -> System -> Anon Connection Wizard

If you are using a terminal Whonix-Gateway, type.

kdesudo anon-connection-wizard



anon-connection-wizard was originally developed by troubadour as part of the Whonix Project. Some screenshots of the old version can be found in this Whonix blog post . anon-connection-wizard was developed by iry under a Google Summer of Code project. The development process is ongoing.

Forum Discussion[edit]

Most of the development discussions can be found in this forum post.


  1. Upstream refers to the originator of the component being discussed.

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