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Apart from these hints, installing monero in Whonix does not differ from installing monero on any Linux based distribution.

Use Tor Browser, go to monero download page https://getmonero.org/downloads/ and download monero. [1] [2]

mkdir bitmonero

tar -C bitmonero -xjvf monero.linux.x64.v0-9-4-0.tar.bz2


cd bitmonero


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After having installed monero, please consider making a donation to Whonix to keep it running for the years to come.

Donate Monero (XMR) to Whonix.


See Also[edit]

It is recommended to read the Money wiki page as it contains a lot related information on how to make anonymous payments.


  1. We avoid wget, since that does not enforce https.
  2. We avoid scurl, since there is no redirecting stable link. TODO: can probably be resolved by telling curl to follow redirects.

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