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This wiki chapter refers to features that are presently either undocumented, untested or unsupported. Simply put, due to the wide-ranging nature of anonymous activities undertaken by the Whonix community it is inevitable due to constraints that certain features or requests will:

  • have undocumented, incomplete or outdated instructions or use cases
  • remain untested by either developers or the community
  • have complex installation and configuration requirements for full or partial functionality
  • not be implemented in the Whonix source code

The Whonix project is highly receptive to the efforts of community members who take the time to identify shortcomings and share their ideas, literary or coding skills to improve the platform, particularly in the domains of software contributions, testing, forum offerings or documentation additions/improvements.

Community members can help ensure the continued success of Whonix through four primary means:

  1. providing Community Feedback
  2. helping to implement features as a contributor
  3. purchasing Premium Support so additional features can be implemented, documented, tested and/or further supported
  4. embracing the Self Support First Policy and becoming an active user co-developer

In summary, developers view the broader Whonix community as an essential part of the strategy to realize a highly-secure and anonymous platform with a host of valuable features. By assisting with undocumented, untested or unsupported features/feature requests, individuals can help fulfill shared goals and the ultimate progression of the Whonix development roadmap. All contributions, big or small, can lead to promising new security or privacy protections. This is true even if progress is only incremental or due for later implementation.

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