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What does Whistleblower and security expert Edward Snowden think about Whonix?

I use Qubes and a Whonix gateway literally everyday, but you can't simply throw Qubes at a non-technical journalist and have them not get you arrested. Qubes is intended for people who understand how a network operates and what a virtual machine is. Most journalists don't.

Edward Snowden on X/Twitter, read Qubes Whonix Tweetarchive.org

I'd disable javascript, tracking, and fingerprinting in the browser, and even then I'd avoid the browser unless I had no choice. Better to browse on a laptop (w/ @QubesOS) which does not have a history of everywhere I've been, since it lacks GPS & Wifi, and has @Whonix built-in.

Edward Snowden on X/Twitter, read Tracking Fingerprinting Whonix Tweetarchive.org

Tor & Whonix are integrated into Qubes.

Edward Snowden on X/Twitter, read Tor Whonix Qubes Tweetarchive.org

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