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See Privacy Policy.

These technical details are not part of Privacy Policy.

In any case, it is recommended to visit this website using either Tor Browser in Whonix ™ or the Tor Browser Bundle.


Valid SSL Certificate Yes
HTTPS Everywhere [1] Inclusion Yes [2]
Passed Qualys SSL LABS [3] SSL Server Test [4]: Yes, A+ rating. [5]
HSTS [6] Yes [7]
HSTS Preloading List [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] Yes [13] [14] [15]
Certificate Authority (CA) Pinning Obsolete [16]
DNS Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) Policy[17] Yes[18]
HTTP Public Key Pinning[19] Obsolete [20]
Expect-CT header [21] Yes[22]
certspotter [23] Yes[24]
DNSSEC[25] Yes[26]
Flagged Revisions [27] Yes, admins must verify changes before they become the default version.
Secondary .onion Domain [28] Yes [29] [30]
Content Security Policy (CSP) Yes, A Rating. [31] [32] [33] [34]
Feature-Policy Yes

If users have any further suggestions, please edit this entry or discuss possible changes in the Whonix ™ forums.

Privacy on the Whonix ™ Website[edit]

The Whonix ™ website [35] is using popular web applications (web apps) like MediaWiki [archive], Phabricator [archive] and Discourse [archive] (forum software). [36] These are Freedom Software projects which are developed by third parties and not the Whonix ™ team. As an end user of web apps, has no control over changes made by the respective developers, whom do not necessarily (seldom in fact) prioritize privacy and security.

The Whonix ™ platform is similarly based on many third party projects. For a simple (approximate) overview of the Whonix ™ organizational structure, see: Linux User Experience versus Commercial Operating Systems. In essence, many independent projects provide their software and source code for free, and they can be modified or used in their default state. Due to the structure of Freedom Software development and the limited funding available to Whonix ™, it is infeasible to try and tackle usability, privacy and security issues posed by these web apps.

Consider the Discourse software for example:

Based on the preceding information, it is clear websites can at best only provide privacy by policy, which is equivalent to a promise. For detailed information on the Whonix ™ privacy policy, see here. [37]

In contrast, the main project activities undertaken by Whonix ™ include research, development and maintenance of privacy by design software [archive]. This is achieved via technological enforcement, remaining free, [38] and utilizing Freedom Software which encourages external contributions, enhancements and audits.

Info Whonix ™ welcomes patches or financial contributions to support the development of desired features.

See also Trusting the Whonix ™ Website and Website Tests.


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  36. This includes any type of information that is collected and recorded, and how it may be used. The processing of any personal information is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  37. Free in terms of price, while also respecting user and developer freedoms.

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