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Info Anonymity is not a program, setup, or final destination -- it is actually a continual process, influenced by new knowledge that is constantly gathered. [1]

Using Whonix ™ with its default settings provides more security than Tor alone. Anonymity is a complex problem and there is no easy solution to the many complicated challenges that all users face. The more you know, the safer and more anonymous you can be. Whonix ™ provides extensive documentation for those interested in learning more.

The goal of this documentation is to describe The Whonix ™ Anonymous Operating System in an easy-to-understand and reasonably thorough manner. It is hoped readers will be exposed to a range of new and improved concepts/applications regarding anonymity and security on the Internet.

Note that all the applications included in Whonix ™ are not fully documented. Usually an overview is provided, with further details on Whonix ™-specific configurations that might be necessary. In general, use the documentation as a reference guide for only those features you intend to use. For instance, if a user is interested in I2P over Tor, the introductory section on Other Anonymizing Networks should be read first, followed by the I2P chapter.

Small text and footnotes like 1 are not that crucial. They contain clarifications, information sources, extra notes for people with higher security needs, additional details to dispel doubts (in the case of controversial issues), proof of something, references, links, and so on. Generally speaking, it is unnecessary to read all of the footnote links (particularly for beginners), but it is encouraged.

Recommended Reading[edit]

The documentation is lengthy, so newcomers to the Whonix ™ platform or those with limited time should first read these sections:

If users have more time available, it is suggested to read the Documentation widely, particularly the Basic Security Guide, Advanced Security Guide, and Computer Security Education sections.

Final Warning[edit]

The Whonix ™ design is intended to offer a technological means to stay anonymous on the Internet. However, it should be emphasized that staying anonymous is not simply a technological problem – there is no tool, including Whonix ™ and Tor, that magically provides Internet anonymity. It is necessary to change a host of behaviors as well.

It is certainly helpful to have a deep, technical understanding of Internet architecture, cryptology [archive], traffic analysis [archive] techniques, and the applications that are in use; mainly by knowing what not to do. However, users with basic knowledge who proceed cautiously (using common sense) are likely to protect themselves adequately in most cases.


Whonix ™ Introduction wiki page Copyright (C) Amnesia <amnesia at boum dot org>
Whonix ™ Introduction wiki page Copyright (C) 2012 - 2021 ENCRYPTED SUPPORT LP <>

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the wiki source code. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the wiki source code for details.


  1. This aligns with the axiom that "Security is a process, not a product."

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