Whonix in default settings provides more security than Tor alone. Anonymity is a complex problem and there is no easy solution to a set of complex problems. The more you know, the safer and more anonymous you can be. Whonix provides loads of documentation for those interested.

Anonymity is not a program or setup, it is a process; new knowledge is being gathered constantly.

The goal of this documentation is to present The Whonix Anonymous Operating System in an easy to understand and reasonably thorough manner in the hope of giving new users a crash course in what might be a completely new set of applications and concepts regarding anonymity and security on the Internet.

It will not fully document the applications included in Whonix, but rather give an overview of them and go on to detail only Whonix-specific configuration considerations.

It is quite long so you might want to instead read the Warning, DoNot, and Download sections as well as the Documentation section as a reference only for those features you intend to use.

Whonix hopes to offer the technological means to stay anonymous on the Internet. However, we want to emphasize that staying anonymous is not only a technological problem – there is no tool, including Whonix and Tor, that will magically make you anonymous on the Internet. You may have to change your behavior as well. While deep technical knowledge of the architecture of the Internet, cryptology, traffic analysis techniques, and the applications you use certainly can help (mainly by knowing what not to do), we believe that some basic knowledge and good old-fashioned common sense and caution will be enough in most cases.

Introduction chapters should be read. Let's suppose you are interested in "I2P over Tor". In that case, the introduction topic in "Accessing Other Anonymizing Services over Tor" should be read as well, obviously supplemented by the "I2P" chapter.

Small text and footnotes like 1 are not that crucial. They contain clarifications, sources of information, extra information for people with even higher security needs, information to clear doubt (in the case of controversial issues), proof of something, references, links, etc. You don't have to necessarily read all links behind footnotes. It is not that bad if you don't understand it as a beginner. We'd be happy if you are that interested and read it as well.


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