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Whonix ™ User Count Statistic[edit]

Table: Whonix ™ Project Metrics

Daily Whonix-Gateway ™ Users
15 March 2019 3,682
24 August 2019 4,107
17 October 2019 4,446
8 February 2020 5,326
31 March 2020 5,887
01 March 2021 8,236

User count is manually updated every now and then. Low priority.

Explanation what daily Whonix-Gateway ™ users means:

  • Total amount of Whonix ™ users: The total number of Whonix ™ is probably higher than the number of daily Whonix-Gateway ™ users.
  • New day, still running, new count: A Whonix-Gateway ™ that runs longer than 1 day (24 hours) will re-fetch Whonix ™ warrant canary and therefore be counted again.
  • New day, new boot, new count: A Whonix-Gateway ™ that has not been run for longer than 1 day (24 hours) will re-fetch Whonix ™ warrant canary and therefore be counted again.
  • Duplication: Users using multiple Whonix-Gateway ™ are counted multiple times. There is no probably no way to avoid that with the current design (see next chapter).
  • Non-Duplication: Boots are not explicitly counted. Counting every user every time a Whonix-Gateway ™ is booted would lead to less accurate results since many users start and shutdown their computers multiple times per day.
  • Non-Live: Live users are not counted.

Whonix ™ User Count Design[edit]

There are strict requirements for the Whonix ™ user count:

Rationale for Whonix ™ User Count[edit]

  • Feedback for maintainers of Whonix ™ if the number of Whonix ™ users increases over time.
  • Some people decide based on impact to which project these would like to contribute.
  • Capability to answer questions such as does Whonix ™ have more users than lets say for example a project which was founded a year ago.
  • Comparison of number of users of Tor, Tails, Whonix ™.
  • Users can decide if these would like to share the same Fingerprint as 100 or thousands of other users.
  • Web and network fingerprint considerations.
  • Data is available already anyhow through whonixcheck's automated verification of Whonix ™ warrant canary. [2]

Disable Whonix ™ User Count[edit]

See whonixcheck wiki page chapters

Forum Discussion[edit] [archive]

See Also[edit]


  1. By using an onion service, the server has no way to log originating IP addresses. Privacy policy for website is different. See Privacy Policy chapter IP Addresses and IP Addresses Logging Policy and Trusting the Whonix ™ Website.
  2. Previously Whonix ™ News.

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