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Whonix ™ old Logo Refinement 2021

Community contributed Whonix ™ artwork.


Figure: Whonix ™ Ambient Advertising by Amanda Torresarchive.org [1]

Whonix ™ Ambient Advertising by Amanda Torres

Figure: Whonix ™ Logo with woman hand typing by chuzhoy007archive.org

Whonix ™ by chuzhoy007.ru

Figure: Whonix ™ Logo on face mask by CountryYakarchive.org

Whonix ™ by CountryYak

Figure: Whonix ™ Logo sticker on bottle by CountryYakarchive.org

Whonix ™ by CountryYak

Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix main logo with laptop running whonix by Joerg Geigerarchive.org

Whonix ™ by Joerg Geiger

Figure: Old Whonix ™ Logo ASCII art old whonix-welcome-pagearchive.org screenshot

Old Whonix ™ Logo ASCII art

Logo Contest Submissions[edit]

Figure: Whonix 2020 Logo Contest!archive.org

Community Created Alternative Logos[edit]

Logo History[edit]

Figure: Stylized Project Logo History (more versions on Dev/Logo)


Figure: Whonix ™ 10 years celebration banner

Whonix ™ 10 years celebration

Figure: Whonix ™ banner


Figure: Whonix ™ 11 years celebration banner


Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix ™ Anonymity Tips banner

Whonix ™ Anonymity Tips

Figure: Whonix ™ Live Mode

Whonix ™ Live Mode

Figure: Whonix ™ Developers Wanted

Whonix ™ Developers Wanted

Illustrative Images[edit]

Technical Illustrations[edit]

Figure: Whonix ™ Concept Detailed Technical Illustration


Figure: Whonix ™ connecting to internet through Torarchive.org by Eloyarchive.org

Whonix connection to internet.png

Figure: Whonix ™ Concept Illustration


Figure: Whonix ™ Operating System Design

Whonix concept refined.jpg

Figure: Whonix ™ Stream Isolation

Stream isolation.1.0.jpg

Figure: Whonix ™ Stream Isolation Remodeled


Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix Connection With Vanguard Logo

Whonix connection design vanguards.jpg

Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix Connection Without Vanguard Logo

Whonix connection design simple.jpg

Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix vs VPN Logos In The Middle

Whonix vs VPNs.jpg

Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix vs VPN Logos On The Left


Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix Connection technical


Figure: Whonix ™ Whonix vs VPN technical


Conceptual Illustrations[edit]

Figure: Whonix ™ Homepage Main by Hans


Figure: Whonix ™ Principle Overview by @p41NpkH3 [2] Whonix overview by p41NpkH3.gif

File:Whonix overview by p41NpkH3.mp4

Figure: Whonix ™ Principle Overviewarchive.org by glenn sorrentinoarchive.org '

Whonix overview by glennsorrentino.jpeg

Figure: Whonix ™ on windows 10archive.org by Eloyarchive.org

Install whonix windows10.png

Figure: Whonix ™ Principle Overview


Figure: Whonix ™ Principle Overview Notebook


Figure: Whonix ™ Principle Homepage Preview


Features Screenshots[edit]

Figure: Elite Spy Defense

Elite Spy Defense 1.png

Elite Spy Defense 2.png

Figure: Maximum Anonymity

Maximum Anonymity 1.png

Maximum Anonymity 2.png

Figure: 10 Years of Success

10 Years of Success 1.png

10 Years of Success 2.png

Figure: Cyber Security Best Practices

Cyber Security Best Practices 1.png

Cyber Security Best Practices 2.png

Figure: Bulletproof IP Protection

Bulletproof IP Protection 1.png

Bulletproof IP Protection 2.png

Figure: Cloaking your typing style

Cloaking your typing style 1.png

Cloaking your typing style 2.png

Figure: Time Attack Protection

Time Attack Protection 1.png

Time Attack Protection 2.png

Figure: Not even WE know

Not even WE know 1.png

Not even WE know 2.png

Figure: The Everything Tor OS

The Everything Tor OS 1.png

The Everything Tor OS 2.png

Figure: Virtualizer friendly

Virtualizer Friendly 1.png

Virtualizer Friendly 1.png

Figure: Anonymous Web Server

Anonymous Web Server 1.png

Anonymous Web Server 1.png

Figure: Kernel Self Protection Settings

Kernel Self Protection Settings 1.png

Kernel Self Protection Settings 2.png

Figure: Tor Browser

Tor Browser 1.png

Tor Browser 2.png

Figure: Live Mode

Live Mode 1.png

Live Mode 2.png

Figure: Based on Linux

Based on Linux 1.png

Based on Linux 2.png

Figure: Onion Website Option

Onion Website Option 1.png

Onion Website Option 2.png

Figure: Advanced Firewall

Advanced Firewall 1.png

Advanced Firewall 2.png

Figure: Android App Support

Android App Support 1.png

Android App Support 2.png

Figure: Virus Protection

Virus Protection 1.png

Virus Protection 2.png

Figure: Brute Force Defense

Brute Force Defense 1.png

Brute Force Defense 2.png

Figure: Risk Minimization

Risk Minimization 1.png

Risk Minimization 2.png

Figure: Discovery/Traffic Analysis Attack Protection

Dicovery-Traffic Analysis Attack Protection 1.png

Dicovery-Traffic Analysis Attack Protection 2.png

Figure: Strong Linux Account Separation

Strong Linux Account Separation 1.png

Strong Linux Account Separation 2.png

Figure: Strong Anonymity, privacy and security settings

Strong Anonymity, privacy and security settings 1.png

Strong Anonymity, privacy and security settings 2.png

Figure: Extensive Documentation

Extensive Documentation 1.png

Extensive Documentation 2.png

Figure: Vibrant Community

Vibrant Community 1.png

Vibrant Community 2.png

Figure: Console Lockdown

Console Lockdown 1.png

Console Lockdown 2.png

Figure: Swap File Creator

Swap File Creator 1.png

Swap File Creator 2.png

Figure: CPU Information Leak Protection (TCP ISN)

CPU Information Leak Protection (TCP ISN) 1.png

CPU Information Leak Protection (TCP ISN) 2.png

Figure: Hosting Location Hidden Services

Hosting Location Hidden Services 1.png

Hosting Location Hidden Services 2.png

Figure: Tor Connection Destination Viewer (tor-ctrl-observer)

Tor Connection Destination Viewer (tor-ctrl-observer) 1.png

Tor Connection Destination Viewer (tor-ctrl-observer) 2.png

Figure: Warrant Canary

Warrant Canary 1.png

Warrant Canary 2.png

Figure: Based on Debian

Based on Debian 1.png

Based on Debian 2.png

Figure: Digitally Signed releases

Digitally Signed releases 1.png

Digitally Signed releases 2.png


YouTube thumbs[edit]

Video 003 : What is Whonix? - Your Internet Privacy Super Tool[edit]


See Also[edit]


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