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General Whonix ™ Design[edit]

Figure: Whonix ™ OS Design Overview [1]

Whonix concept refined.jpg

Stream Isolation[edit]

Figure: Whonix ™ Stream Isolation [2]

Whonix ™ Stream Isolation Graphic


Bisq Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange[edit]

Figure: Bisq Launch in Whonix ™ [3]


Figure: Bisq Client [4]



Figure: Connect to Server [5]

Electrum select server manually.png

Figure: Select Server [5]

Electrum select server automatically.png

Figure: SOCKS5 Proxy Configuration [5]

Electrum use proxy socks5 .png


Figure: Monero GUI [3]


Default Desktop Environment[edit]

Whonix ™ VirtualBox[edit]

Figure: Non-Qubes-Whonix XFCE Gateway


Qubes-Whonix ™[edit]

Figure: Qubes-Whonix ™ XFCE Workstation [3]


Encrypted Communications[edit]


Figure: BitMessage Network Settings [5]

Bitmessage enable networking.png

Figure: SOCKS5 Proxy Configuration [5]

Bitmessage configure networking.png

Encrypted Email[edit]

Figure: Sending Encrypted Email [6]

Tempest screenshot 85.png

Figure: Successful Email Decryption [6]

Tempest screenshot 95.png

Flash Leak Tests[edit]

Firefox-ESR with Whonix-Gateway ™[edit]

Figure: Flash Leak Test in Firefox-ESR [5]

Flash Leak Testing in Whonix ™

Tor Browser - Both TransPort[edit]

Figure: Flash Leak Test in Tor Browser [7]

Testing for Leaks of Flash

Tor Browser - SocksPort and TransPort[edit]

Figure: Tor Browser Additional Flash Leak Test [7]

Leak Testing Flash in Whonix ™

General Whonix ™ Tools[edit]


Figure: OnionShare Settings Window [3]


Figure: Secret Onion URL for Downloaders [3]


Reload Firewall[edit]

Figure: Firewall Reload Terminal [5]

Whonix reload firewall GUI.png

Reload Tor[edit]

Figure: Tor Reload Terminal [5]

Reload Tor GUI.png

scurl: SSL Command Line Downloader[edit]

Figure: scurl Command in Whonix ™ [3]


Xfce Terminal[edit]

Figure: Xfce Terminal in Whonix ™ [3]


Instant Messenger / Chat[edit]


Figure: Gajim Client in Whonix ™ [8]



Figure: HexChat IRC Client Window in Whonix ™ [8]



Figure: Mumble Client in Whonix ™ [3]



Figure: qTox Client in Whonix ™ [8]



Figure: Signal Desktop in Whonix ™ [3]


Wickr Me[edit]

Figure: Wicker Me in Whonix ™ [3]


Other Anonymizing Services[edit]


Figure: Freenet Inproxy in Whonix ™ [3]



Figure: I2P Browsing in Whonix ™ [3]



Figure: JonDonym Client Software in Whonix ™ [3]



Figure: ZeroNet Homepage in Whonix ™ [3]



sdwdate CLI[edit]

Figure: sdwdate Command Line Interface [3]


sdwdate GUI[edit]

Figure: sdwdate GUI [8]


Figure: sdwdate GUI Control Panel [8]


Figure: sdwdate GUI Successful Check [8]


Tor Browser[edit]

Browser Fingerprint[edit]

Figure: Panopticlick v3 Test in Whonix ™ [3]


Tor Browser Appearance[edit]

Figure: Successful Tor Network Check [3]


Figure: Secure Connection to [8]


Tor Browser Downloader[edit]

Figure: Checking for Updates [8]

Tor Browser Downloader (Whonix ™) checking for updates.

Figure: Download Confirmation [3]


Figure: Downloading Tor Browser [8]

Tor Browser Downloader (Whonix ™) Downloading Tor Browser

Figure: Tor Browser Installation Confirmation [3]


Figure: Extracting Tor Browser [8]

Tor Browser Downloader (Whonix ™) Extracting

Figure: Finalized Tor Browser Installation [8]

Tor Browser Downloader (Whonix ™) Finished Installing Tor Browser

YaCy Decentralized Search Engine[edit]

Figure: YaCy in Whonix ™ [3]


Tor Connections[edit]

Anon Connection Wizard[edit]

Figure: Main torrc Configuration Page [9]

Main page.png

Figure: Default Bridge Page [9]

Bridge page default.png

Figure: Custom Bridge Page [9]

Bridge page custom.png

Figure: Local Proxy Configuration Page [9]


Figure: Summary Configuration Page [9]

Torrc page.png

Figure: Tor Network Bootstrapping Page [9]


Nyx Tor Controller[edit]

Figure: Nyx Tor Controller Main Page [5]

Tor Controller Arm

Figure: Nyx Tor Controller Circuits Page [5]

Tor Controller Arm

Tor Controller GUI[edit]

Figure: Tor Controller GUI Control Panel [10]

Tor Controller GUI Control Panel

Figure: Tor Controller GUI Control Panel User Configuration [10]

Tor Controller GUI Control Panel

Figure: Tor Controller GUI Utilities [10]

Tor Controller GUI Utilities

Figure: Tor Controller GUI Logs [10]

Tor Controller GUI Logs


Only installation help videos are currently available; see Videos.


whonixcheck CLI[edit]

Figure: whonixcheck Command Line Interface [5]

whonixcheck cli interface

whonixcheck GUI[edit]

Figure: whonixcheck Progress Meter [5]

whonixcheck progress bar

Figure: whonixcheck sys-whonix Notification [3]

whonixcheck sys-whonix notification

Figure: whonixcheck anon-whonix Notification [3]

whonixcheck anon-whonix notification

Whonix-Gateway ™ CLI[edit]

Figure: whonixsetup CLI

Whonix-Gateway ™ CLI

Whonix ™ Live[edit]

Figure: Live Mode Boot

Live Mode Boot

Whonix ™ Repository Wizard[edit]

Figure: Wizard Repository Selection [5]

Whonix Repository Wizard select repo.png

Figure: Wizard Auto-update Configuration [5]

Whonix Repository Wizard install updates.png

Custom Builds[edit]

Whonix ™ Gateway[edit]

On KDE[edit]

Figure: KDE Whonix-Gateway ™


On LXDE[edit]

Figure: LXDE Whonix-Gateway ™

LXDE Whonix ™ Screenshot

On XFCE[edit]

Figure: XFCE Whonix-Gateway ™

XFCE Whonix ™ Screenshot

Whonix ™ Workstation[edit]

On LXDE[edit]

Figure: LXDE Custom Workstation #1

LXDE Whonix ™ Terminal

Figure: LXDE Custom Workstation #2

LXDE Whonix ™ another Terminal

Figure: LXDE Custom Workstation #3

LXDE Whonix ™ Desktop

On Ubuntu[edit]

Figure: Ubuntu Custom Workstation #1

Whonix ™ Ubuntu Screenshot

Figure: Ubuntu Custom Workstation #2

Whonix ™ Tor Browser Ubuntu Screenshot

On XFCE[edit]

Figure: XFCE Custom Workstation #1

XFCE Whonix ™ Terminal

Figure: XFCE Custom Workstation #2

XFCE Whonix ™ Start Menu

Figure: XFCE Custom Workstation #3

XFCE Whonix ™ Desktop Black Background

Figure: XFCE Custom Workstation #4

XFCE Whonix ™ Desktop Debian Background

Images License[edit]

The license for each image is footnoted and most are in the public domain. These screenshots can be freely shared or uploaded to other locations.

If these screenshots are uploaded, then image users are kindly asked to notify the Whonix ™ team directly and to add a link to the Whonix ™ homepage.


The selection of images captures common Whonix ™ activities on both the Non-Qubes-Whonix and Qubes-Whonix ™ platforms. Further images of common Debian software running on the Whonix ™ platform can be found here.

If readers notice any missing categories or images which are not up-to-date, feel free to add your own. [11]

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